Best American Whiskey to Explore in 2022

Before coming to the decision of selecting the best American whiskey, let’s have a look at the making process and history of American whiskey. Whiskey is one of the most famous alcoholic beverages. Which is made usually made from fermented grain mash or by distilling beer. American whiskey is usually made from mashes with at least 51% of their named grains. Grains that are mostly used in the process are mostly barley, corn, rye, and wheat.  Depending on the fermentation of grains, distillation, and aging in wooden barrels, whiskies are regulated into many classes and types. 

The history of whiskey started more than 300 years ago when people from one of the first colonies of this state decided to prepare their own drink. The main concept might be adapted from foreign but after this long journey American whiskeys stand on their own. Not only at home, all around the world American whiskey brands are rising in sales since last decades and it going higher every year.

 Best American Whiskey Review in 2022

With a beautiful and eventful history, the process of providing the best American whiskey to people has never been taken lightly. Some best American whiskey brands have maintained the quality and popularity all this time and it keeps getting higher.

Bourbon, rye whiskey, and blends are the most popular American whiskey styles. There are also some experimental whiskeys waiting for you. Here we have made a list that contains old favorites, a few new finds, and others are limited releases to look forward to this year.

Let’s find out whats the best American whiskeys on the market in 2022

1. Elijah Craig 18 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey


Bourbon is the most known American whiskey and sometimes people mistake thinking Bourbon is the only American whiskey. The reason behind this is the taste of that fermented and aged corn and that burn you want to find in your drink. One of the best American whiskey brand Elijah Craig is known for its bourbons and have more than 100 years of history to support the claim.

We have the Elijah Craig 18-year-old Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey, one of the high aged bourbons in Kentucky that is warming and deliciously rich. With strong taste, it also includes orange, chocolate, Toasted oak, honey, vanilla, and custard aroma around you. The sweetness from the corn is perfectly blended with the barrel and gives you that perfect experience. Here in Bottle Broz we have the 750ml authentic bottle for $429.99. Get it for yourself or make it a gift to your loved and respected one Bottle Broz is here for you.

2. Bulleit 10 years bourbon whiskey


Another brand of American whiskey is Bulleit and it offers one of the best bourbon and rye whiskey from The US. the Bulleit aged 10 years bourbon whiskey is one of the best-selling products of the brand. The taste of the bourbon starts strong with spice and the oak flavor and continues to surprise with sweet caramel and vanilla smell.

It also carries citrus and fruity taste into it. This bourbon will provide you the uniqueness that you will find in other high priced highly aged brands. At Bottle Broz you will find the most authentic best American Whiskey. The price of Bulleit is very reasonable which is around $30-$50. You choose which one fits your need and Bottle Broz will deliver it to your doorstep.

3. Woodford reserve bourbon and rye bourbon

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Woodford Reserve has been in the distillery as early as 1812 and started to create high-end American Whiskey around 1996 to meet the demand of the high growth market. The two best options from Woodford reserve is bourbon and rye bourbon. Regular bourbon is made from corn and Rye bourbon definitely gives out its dominating grains.

With honey and vanilla flavors the bourbon also consists of Charred wood and dried corn. It gives out other minty, fruity, and nutty hints in every sip. The rye bourbon, on the other hand, gives out a light smell and taste of rye, new wood, and a slight rubbery smell and with a little touch of honey and apples. Both of these options are available in Bottle Broz within the budget of $50. The best American bourbon whiskey will be delivered to your door whenever you need it.

4. Michter’s American Whiskey

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After a long list of bourbon, let’s move on to non-bourbon Whiskey. On that list we have Michter’s American Whiskey is on the top. Using Templeton Rye grain as the main ingredients the whiskey is not aged in new charred oak barrels, instead used ex-bourbon barrels.

This process creates a tender yet smokey, charred flavor. The sweetness that gives out vanilla, green apple, and caramel hints and ends with oak, mint, and spice flavors. Considered as an easy option when it comes to Best American Whiskeys. Michter’s first started distilling its first Whiskey around 1753, which makes it the first American whiskey company. Since then the quality of the brand has never been compromised. 

With the very reasonable price and popularity, from one of the best American Whiskey brand, Mitcher’s American whiskey is always on of Bottle Broz's top seller list. With $62.99 you get the whole 750ml bottle and can enjoy its beauty in your hands without visiting the liquor store. 

5. Angel’s envy Rye whiskey ‘Finished in Caribbean Rum Casks

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With the Master Distiller, Lincoln Henderson’s legacy Angel’s Envy ray whiskey has become one of the best American Whiskey on the market. Like the name, this rye whiskey spends up to 18 months in Caribbean rum casks that provide the complex whiskey. A smooth whiskey with a flavor of raw, spicy and earthiness makes it unique in the list of Best American Whiskys.It gives out the taste of brown sugar, nutmeg, grain, candy corn, butterscotch, Vanilla Custard, and bites of oak and menthol. Spending $94.99 on a 7450ml bottle of Angel’s Envy Rye Whiskey seems like a great deal!!

Another remarkable American WHikey from Angel’s Envy is the Angel’s Envy Bourbon whiskey finished in port wine barrels. At a reasonable price, this bourbon has been popular with Bottle Broz customers.

6. Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Whiskey

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When it comes to Premium quality Whiskey we all know the name of Jack Daniels. The brand started in 1956 and the sales keep getting high and higher every year. The company has grown and became the top-selling whiskey brand in the world. With the growth, Jack Daniels is serving the liquor departments with a variety of American Whiskey options. Starting with the Jack Daniels gentleman Jack Whiskey, made from corn grains, aged for more than 4 years in virgin American white oak barrels is also filtered twice in charcoal giving it the smoothness you prefer.

The balanced flavor of  Gentleman Jack whiskey is perfect in celebration and all the moments along the way of life. The drink starts with a sweet invitation of honey and graham cracker sweetness, and later bring out the woody, nutty, grassy, floral, and minty flavor. The clam flavor does not go away when it touches the tongue. The honey caramel sweetness of the drink stays on till the end of it. These flavors go great with different cocktail mixes. You need $33.99 in order to get a nice bottle fromBottle Broz. 

Other than Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniels Whiskey, Jack Daniels Rye Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Honey Rye Whiskey is also on our top-selling list. All these are a great choice when you are looking for the best American whiskey. The authenticity of the brand quality is ensured by Bottle Broz.

7. Maker’s mark Bourbon

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For the last on this list, we kept a bourbon. The popularity of Bourbon is just undeniable, and when it comes to personalized tastebuds Bill Samuels Sr. decided to create his own flavor around the year 1951, and that flavor has traveled all these years making Maker’s Mark one of the best American Whiskey on the market. The Bourbon still follows the handmade process and the bourbon is aged not on a specific year but depending on the taste. As bourbon can be hard and hot, Bill wanted to Get one that is rather sweet and might be a little mild.

The recipe uses wheat instead of rye with the dominating corn, which gives out the desired sweetness. Maker’s Mark starts with a nice and mellow smell of blended honey, orange, lemon, sweet tea, and alcohol. One can smell the sour corn and wheat when sniffed. The taste feels like honey surrounded by a little woody flavor and alcohol around it and later it reveals the additional vanilla, lemon tea, and some wood spice. The taste is very pleasant and great for a person that wants a sweet option of bourbon. Spending $32 on Bottle Broz  ensures the authentic and that sweet and mellow bourbon.

Best American Whiskey Buying Guide from Bottle Broz

A good American Whiskey can be a part of your celebration anyday, Bottle Broz bring you the satisfaction of ordering all the Best American Whiskey from your comfort and enjoy all the high-quality American whiskey brands anytime.

What is American Whiskey?

Whiskey used to be a known following the recipes from countries like Scotland and England. With the migration, the USA has started their own recipe of making Whiskey in their own favorable style. From the first colonies to the present American Whiskey follows the rule of one dominating grain in the main process. It can be Corn, rye, wheat, and other available grain. The percentage has to be higher than 51%.

Bourbon is the most famous American whiskey, that contains the dominating Corn in the process. With a hint of sweetness, bourbon can still be a hard American whiskey and that makes it unique to the world. Then the rye whiskeys are known to be the earthy ones giving you the feel of rawness. The other variety of American whiskey will be the one that uses wheat, which makes the whisky very smooth and mellow.

Whatever variation you choose, American whiskey always contains spicy, woody, fruity, and other unique tastes into it. That’s what makes the American Whiskey special.

Best American Whiskey Brands

So many companies are in the business of producing their own Whiskey. Among them, a few brands have remained their name at the top of the best American Whiskey Brands list. Here are some companies that provide the best American Whiskey. 

  1. Elijah: The first on our list is Elijah Craig. The brand produces high-end bourbon and sells them at a high price. They also have some reasonably priced options for every whiskey lover. 
  2. Jack Daniels:  With the best marketing system, Jack daniels not only Americans best Whiskey brand but also in the world. Reasonable price and the good flavor keeps that sells always on high rate.
  3. Michter’s: The number one American whiskey is from Michter’s. That tells you all you need to know about the brand. Delivering the best taste American whiskey this brand has a lot of flavors to choose from.
  4. Woodford reserve: Another high-end American whiskey brand from Kentucky. Provides the best-flavored bourbon and ray whiskey to the market and has a beautiful history of more than 200 years.

All the drinks are available in Bottle Broz  whenever you find the need for a high-quality American Whiskey.

When You Can Drink American Whisky?

We believe that you know when you need that sip of your neat whisky but if you want to know how the rest of the world tries to follow the rules around American whiskey here are some facts on when you can drink American whiskey. 

The most popular ways of drinking whiskey are neat, but it has the same demand when mixed into cocktails as well. You can seat at the bar with your friend or have a serious meeting with your business partner at any time. Whiskey is good both during the day the evening. Some people like to have some whiskey after lunch or dinner as it helps the digestive system. Just remember being aware of the taste of your favorite whiskey is very important. Also, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. 

What is the Best American Whiskey for me?

With the variation in the making process, the taste of a whiskey has all the taste according to your tastebud. Depending on the dominating grain and distillation you can choose a hard or a smooth one. But when it comes to American Whiskey, it explores different, spicy, powerful flavors, while also being appreciative of a sweeter side to things too.

Best American whiskey brands have all the variations you can ask for. Bourbon is a well known American whiskey that suits almost everyone and a safe choice to make when in doubt. Rye whiskey is famous for its raw, spicy, and fruity flavor. And if you looking for A smooth taste Jack Delinels are your answers. With a mellow and nice flavorful ambient, the whiskey goes very well with any cocktail mix. If you want something smooth and mellow, Makes Mark will be our recommendation. Also, the Whiskeys that are filtered more than once have the smoothness with the real flavor. 

Choose the flavor you like and we will deliver the bottle to your doorstep. Any option from this list of best American whiskey will be perfect for every celebration and can be a regular part along the way.

Why Should I Buy American Whiskey from Bottle Broz?

Found a day to just sit down and relax or just got a small break from all the crazy things going around you? Well first, let me tell you ‘ you are not the only one’. We all are going through the same S**t and we need that sip right now!!! But going to a store or even finding a store that contains your favorite and authentic American whiskey can be a mood killer, so we present you the perfect solution to get all your favorite 100% authentic liquor products right at your doorstep, Bottle Broz. You get the most reasonable price and the fastest door to door delivery anywhere in the USA, so you can get your hands on your favorite drink at any time you want.

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