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Arak is a popular alcoholic beverage made from rice also known as rice wine. It is a Levantine unsweetened distilled drink, usually translucent white in color.  Bottle Broz contains a big collection of Arak available in the USA. Arak is most popular on the Middle Eastern side and slowly increasing the popularity. Arak is also a part of Lebanon’s noble drink that contains water and ice into the mixer. Order online to get home delivery of arak at your doorsteps. Shop for yourself or send Arak as a gift with a personal note.

Buy Arak Liquor Online - Drinking & Buying Guide for Arak Liquor

Arak liquor is a popular distilled alcoholic beverage in the Middle East. Arak owed its origins to the Arab development of alembic distillation in the 12th century. As a result, arak is the distilled drink of people all around the Middle East and those who embrace its legacy, many centuries after its introduction.

The drink is well-known for its strength and the clear milky-white tint when water is added. It is anointed "the milk of lions" in the Middle East because of its potency. In addition, it features a licorice flavor because it is made with grapes and aniseed. Arak liquor has a high alcohol concentration (proof 80-126); hence it's almost typically diluted with water and ice. It can be aged for anything between three weeks and a year.

Arak Liquor - An Ancient Spirit With Modern Touch

Arak Liquor, sometimes known as araq, is a distilled Levantine anise liquor. It has a transparent appearance and is unsweetened. The word Arak is derived from the Arabic word araq, which means 'perspiration.' Arak is not to be confused with the similarly named liquor arrack (also known as Arak in other parts of the world, including Indonesia, particularly Bali).

In the 12th century, the Arabs invented alembic distillation, which led to the creation of Arak. The spread of Arak and its derivatives, ranging from rakija in the Balkans to arrack in Indonesia and Malaysia, closely follows the pattern of Arab-Islamic conquests. The distilled alcohol is consumed as a beverage in each of these locations. This shows that Arak liquor was enjoyed by Muslim Arabs who, throughout the 12th century, did not always follow the Islamic taboo on the consumption of alcohol and who then spread the drink to the areas where they settled.

What is Arak Liquor Made From?

Arak Liquor is manufactured mainly from grapes and aniseed, which are the seeds of the anise plant. They have a licorice flavor when crushed, which is the alcohol's signature flavor. Some Arak liquor include dates, sugar, plums, figs, and molasses, depending on the location where it is prepared. The aniseed is added to the distilled alcohol during the second of three distillation procedures. The amount of aniseed to alcohol varies, resulting in distinct types of arak, although the potency of the drink is generally between 40% and 60%.

Ways of Drinking Arak Liquor

Despite Arak Liquor’s rich flavor, it is not a dessert beverage. Although it is classified as a liqueur/cordial by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau (TTB), it includes no sugar or sweetener other than the natural spice of anise. When you dilute it (or "break" the arak, as it's known), you get a delightfully refreshing drink that's a far cry from the terrible reputation that low-quality bottles have earned.

Arak is frequently provided in social contexts such as dinner parties, restaurants, and nightclubs. The drink is traditionally served with mezze or small bites of food, which the guests ingest to help them cope with the alcohol's intensity. In the case of a dinner party or restaurant, arak goes so well with these tiny appetizer meals that the main course is hardly touched.

The standard pour ratio is one-third arak to two-thirds water. However, because you mix it yourself, you can adjust the proportions to your liking.

It's not so much about what the drink is presented with as it is about how it's served. While water and ice are frequently used, the ice should never be introduced to the alcohol; instead, the alcohol should be added to the ice. The unique pouring distinction is because adding ice causes an unpleasant film to form on top of the drink. It's caused by the oils in the anise hardening and creating a film due to the ice's cold.

Types of Arak Liquor You can Find Near You

The many types of Arak Liquor are determined by the stills that are used to make it. Stills made of stainless steel and copper come in a variety of shapes. Copper stills with a Moorish design are the most valuable and create the most expensive arak. Different flavors and varieties of arak are produced when other types of fruit are added to the process. For example, the anise flavor is frequently so intense that it distinguishes the fruit flavors.

The flavor of arak is firmly anise or licorice-like. Depending on the brand and production details, the taste can range from herbal and grassy to fruity and anise-flavored. Arak is the finest anise-flavored alcohol on the market, with no added sugar.

Arak Liquor Vs Other Anise Drink

Anise-based drinks make up a vast family of alcoholic beverages. When blended with other liquids, they all have a strong alcohol flavor and a strong anise flavor, and they crystallize or change color. Anise-flavored alcohols include aquavit, anisette, absinthe, ouzo, pastis, raki, and sambuca, to name a few. The critical distinction between these alcohols is where they are manufactured and consumed.

Where To Buy Arak Liquor?

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