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Best Canned Cocktails - Buying & Drinking Guide for Canned Cocktails

A canned cocktail is a premixed mixed drink or cocktail that is packaged in a metal can and contains more than 6.25 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) but less than 15% ABV (same ABV range as high alcoholic content beer).

More people are entertaining at home than ever before, which has boosted canned cocktail sales, but that's not all. Consumers have caught on to the fact that bartenders, distilleries, and breweries can put their creations in cans or bottles for customers to drink at home. The taste of canned cocktails has improved dramatically in recent years, and there are now more options than ever.

What Is Canned Cocktails

As the name denotes, Canned cocktails are drinks that come in single-use cans and are ready to drink straight away. Due to growing customer needs, they are sweeping the market shelves. People are ecstatic that they may enjoy a nice cocktail at home without going through the trouble of making it.

Flavored seltzers were the first to arrive. Then, in 2016, Mike's Hard Lemonade's creators released White Claw, a hard seltzer that revolutionized the industry. White Claw now comes in various flavors, including ruby grapefruit, mango, and black cherry, all of which are only 70 to 100 calories apiece. It's no wonder that the genre has become one of the most popular beverage trends in recent years.

Best Canned Cocktails You Can Try

Before placing the winning recipe into production, many canned cocktail companies experiment with hundreds of various formulations, varying the quantities of sweetness, acidity, flavor, and alcohol. The canned cocktails we're drinking now are produced with premium spirits, some of which are distilled in-house, and food-grade components, including house-made cocktail bases. Here are some of the most popular canned cocktails currently available.

Cutwater Spirits

Cutwater Spirits are the greatest canned cocktail brand because of the high quality and wide choice of drinks it offers, including tequila and whiskey-based cocktails, as well as a tinned White Russian and Mai Tai.

Cutwater offers a wide range of drink options. They cover all of the essential spirits and cocktail styles, making it easy to impress a crowd.

The Long Drink

This Finnish firm has teamed up with actor Miles Teller, who has become a co-owner. The basic recipe uses natural grapefruit and juniper berry flavors to create an easy-to-drink bottled cocktail that is unfamiliar to most Americans. Long Drink Zero, a sugar-free and keto-friendly variant with the same flavors as the original, is also available.

Babe 100 Rosé With Bubbles

Babe's new canned rosé with bubbles has only 100 calories and zero grams of sugar, making it ideal for individuals who appreciate the mild freshness of a strong seltzer. Each can contains one full glass of wine and has 6.9% alcohol by volume (ABV). In addition, the lavender and hot pink cans are stunning!

Bacardi Real Rum Canned Cocktail

The new "Tropical Trio" from Bacardi's Real Rum Canned Cocktails comprises a Mojito, a Bahama Mama, and a Sunset Punch (all with a 5% ABV!). The Mojito and Bahama Mama products are available in four-packs at select locations nationwide and come in slim 335-milliliter cans. The Sunset Punch flavor, on the other hand, is exclusively available in the six-packs that are now on sale.

Miami Cocktail Company Spritzers

If you're seeking the flawless canned cocktail to keep you feeling like it's summer all year, Miami Cocktail Company has you covered. Each organic spritzer contains just 110 calories and a 4.2 percent ABV and comes in five incredibly irresistible flavors (Bellini, Mimosa, Paloma, Margarita, and Sangria).

Where To Find Canned Cocktails Near You

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