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Order Zinfandel Wine Online - Buying & Drinking Guide for Zinfandel Wine

Zinfandel is becoming associated with California wine. Buy the best Zinfandel wine online from Bottle Broz. 

Zinfandel red wine is grown in over 10% of California's vineyards and is a significant player in the state's wine industry. The hot, dry environment of California produces wines with big, intense flavors and some of the highest alcohol concentrations of any red wine on the market (between 14 and 17 percent)

White Zinfandel wine is frequently the first wine that people try. White Zinfandel now accounts for over 85% of total Zinfandel production! It has everything a novice needs: ABV is 9-10%, so it's not too strong. It has low calories - 125 calories per 6 oz. White Zinfandel's sweet flavor can enchant you any time anywhere.

But it doesn't have the complexity as strong as the red form of the same grape. On the other hand, wines made from red Zinfandel can have a lot of presence and finesse.

What Kind of Wine is Zinfandel Wine?

Although Zinfandel (also known as Primitivo in Italy) originates in Europe, it is best recognized in the United States. This black vine generates spicy, unctuous red wines in California. In the United States, a type of Zinfandel called white Zinfandel is immensely renowned.

Zinfandel is a black grape with thin skin that grows in the vineyard. Grapes grow in massive, compact cones with maturity levels ranging from green to mature. Because grapes ripen at different periods, the wines produced can mix dried and fresh fruit flavors, but some winemakers handpick the berries to fine-tune the flavor profile. The vine thrives in hot, dry regions and can produce wines with alcohol levels up to 20% by volume (abv). Wines are frequently prepared from old vines that have spent a century maturing in the vineyard.

Zinfandel grapes can be made into both red and rosé wines. Red wines have a red-purple color and a distinctive spice flavor, as well as jammy red fruits such as blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

Styles of Zinfandel Wine 

Zinfandel is a grape, yet it does not produce a single wine.

It is a red grape with a clear juice. The winemaker determines how long the juice is allowed to remain in contact with the stems, seeds, and skins, causing the clear liquid to turn red. Add in the ripeness of the grape and a no-rules mentality, and a winemaker can experiment with various styles, resulting in a fantastic wine tasting experience!

White Zinfandel Wine: After crushing red Zinfandel grapes, the liquid is extracted from the skins and seeds, and the wine is fermented like white wine. White Zinfandel is not fermented dry; therefore, residual sugar in the wine gives it a subtle sweetness. These wines are usually not aged in barrels.

Zinfandel Rose: A blush wine that is usually fermented without adding sugar. After brief contact with the skin, the juice can be bled off, giving the wine a more prosperous rose color. These wines are often made from less mature red Zinfandel grapes with little or no barrel aging and are light, peppery, and berry-flavored.

Zinfandel Table Wine: A red wine made from Zinfandel grapes selected at the perfect sugar-to-acid ratio, providing wines with 13.5-14.5 percent alcohol. Extended skin contact during fermentation and aging in good oak barrels results in wines with an intensely fruity character, as well as the balance and complexity that fine wines are known for.

Zinfandel "Big Style": Zinfandel grapes that are riper than those used for table wine are utilized to make this red wine. These wines are distinguished by the depth and complexity of their fruit flavors and the presence of a "jammy" component in both the scent and the flavor. There are a variety of acid and tannin approaches, ranging from softer wines with less acid and tannin, which emphasize the fruit, to highly extracted wines with significant structure and tannin levels. The alcohol content of these wines is usually between 14.5 and 16 percent.

Late Harvest Zinfandel: In most cases, a dessert wine is prepared from highly ripe grapes, with a residual sugar content of 1-3 percent. These wines are dominated by intensely concentrated fruit, with prune and raisin characteristics emerging as the grapes ripen. The average alcohol content is about 15.5 percent.

Zinfandel Port: Zinfandel Port is a fortified dessert wine created from grapes that have become too ripe. To stop the fermentation before all of the sugar is turned to alcohol, distilled grape spirits are added. Zinfandel Port is similar to Zinfandel Essence in flavor and sweetness but higher alcohol content.

How Many Calories Are In A Glass Of Zinfandel Wine?

Except in the case of sweet wine, most of the calories in wine come from alcohol rather than carbohydrates or sugar. At 15% alcohol, a glass of robust, high-alcohol red zinfandel wine contains roughly 130 calories (120 from alcohol and ten from carbohydrates). A regular 5-ounce glass of White Zinfandel wine contains roughly 108 calories. About five glasses (540 calories) come from a 750-milliliter bottle.

Zinfandel Taste Profile

Zinfandel Red wine is distinguished by its deep, dark purple hue, medium to high tannin content, high alcohol content, and moderate acidity. While the red wine is medium-bodied and dry, it is jam-packed with tastes and aromas of raspberry, blackberry, cherry, plums, cinnamon, black pepper, and licorice, all wrapped in various degrees of wood.

The same grape is used to make white Zinfandel wine, but the skins are removed immediately after crushing. This results in a wine that is lighter in color, lighter in body, lighter tannins, and lower in alcohol. As a result, white zinfandels are light and fruity, with strawberry, cherry, and lemon notes. It lacks the harshness of traditional red wine but makes up for it in depth, making it a popular choice among new wine drinkers.

Foods to Pair with Zinfandel Wine

To fully enjoy the best Zinfandel wine, you have to pair it with foods that complement its flavor profile. The desired food combination is determined by the style of Zinfandel you select to drink. Fresh and fruity white Zinfandel pairs well with lean protein meals like chicken or pork, especially when paired with a tomato-based sauce. Medium-bodied versions pair well with marinated lamb chops or grilled sausage since they have more depth and layers of spice (both peppery and baked). Full-bodied Zinfandel with concentrated notes pairs well with heavier foods like roast vegetable spaghetti medley or BBQ ribs.

Where to Buy Zinfandel Wine Online?

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