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The Scottish whiskey and the classic scotch can make your senses stronger when you need a subtle push towards your goal. Made from malt grains especially barley, the Bottle Broz collection holds the best quality scotch for you to order online without the hassle of going to a store. Find your favorite and perfectly aged scotch, order online, and receive home delivery anywhere in the USA. Take a sip of the well-aged scotch at your comfort and let the day fold up as its own. Order Scotch online and put away the pressure of finding the best gift for any occasion. Shop for yourself or send Scotch as a gift with a personal note.



Buy Scotch Online - Buying and Drinking Guide for Scotch

Starting as early as 1500, scotch whiskey has come a long way. Now you can buy scotch online at Bottle Broz ensuring its authenticity. Dones matter if you are already a scotch person or just exploring renowned liquors Bottle Broz is here with the ultimate buying and drinking Guide for scotch. Here you will have all the information you need to understand about scotch, how it’s produced, and the best way to consume it. With some suggestions from our whiskey experts, you will have a clear idea of its price range as well. Let’s get started. Along the way of this incredible journey, scotch not only became one of the most reputed liquor but also created a high brand in itself. Getting a hold onto high-level scotch can be a little hard, but Bottle Broz it’s now very accessible. Few clicks can ensure you get the desired bottle to your doorsteps. If it is a gift LBottle Broz also adds customized gift notes and delivers with such care and love. 

What is Scotch Liquor?

A bottle of Scotch has to be made in Scotland. Only then the whiskey becomes a reputable and most desirable Scotch Whiskey. With a history of more than 500 years, Scotch is one of the most desired liquors of the world market. Scotch is made from malted barley. Single malt whisky is one that uses only one kind of grain and is distilled and bottled in one distillery. The blended scotch can be made using more than one grain. The number of years a Scotch is aged is another important factor when it comes to good scotch. Usually, the scotch has to be aged inside oak barrels and no less than three years. Scotland uses the purest water to produce the classic scotch. The mashing and fermentation of the grain deliver the ultimate whiskey. The popularity and demand for good aged Scotch are always high because of its classic flavors. And with the demand, the price for a good scotch is also high. Get yourself a bottle from Bottle Broz and celebrate the day as the best. 

Best Scotch for Beginners

At one time everyone was a beginner, so don’t get discouraged if scotch feels a little intimidating. Maybe try at home and ordering scotch online made easy with Bottle Broz. Yes, scotch is a strong liquor filled with complex and intense flavors. Choose the way you want to enjoy this delicacy and continue from there. Single malts are best enjoyable neatly and blended scotches are free spirits to be mixed however you would like. Our suggestion will be to start with a less intense one, blended Scotches already follow some mixology, so maybe start there. Here is some scotch for beginners to choose from at Bottle Broz





Speyburn 10 Year

Single Malt

This one is known as crowd pleasure, because whatever your taste preference is, Speyburn 10-year-old single malt won’t disappoint you. Making it a great option for any beginner. Fresh, clean with a hint of lemon aromas with medium-body texture. Hints of toffee & butterscotch and a long, sweet finish.


Johnnie Walker Black Label


Really well-rounded scotch with a great balance of vanilla and fruity characteristics. Full-Bodied spirit.


Glenglassaugh Evolution

Single malt

A relaxed scotch makes it easier for beginners. Strong vanilla notes developed within the aging with a sweet campfire smell. The palate is creamy and fruity. Very well balanced, smooth, and easy to drink.


Aberlour A’Bunadh Alba 



Smooth and rich spicy tones of dried fruits and nuts are filled in the body. Stunningly drinkable, this is a great sipping whisky for those just beginning on their whisky journey.


How Can I Buy Scotch Online from Bottle Broz?

Bottle Broz holds a huge collection of all the authentic liquors and scotch is on top of that list. The rich delicacy of Scotland brought to you the easiest way possible. Here is step by step how you can order scotch online at Bottle Broz so you don’t have to get into the hassle of finding a liquor store and then finding the right bottle.

  • Go to Bottle Broz website. 
  • Type Scotch on the search bar and you will reach the scotch page itself. 
  • Read all that you want to know about the product. Like for Buchanans Select, 15 Year Blended Malt Scotch Whisky click on the product and read about its specialty. 
  • Whichever you think is perfect for your taste click on the ‘add to cart. The product will be added to your shopping list. Add as many as you would like, no one watching!!!!
  • When you have selected all your favorite bottles, go to the cart (on top of the right side of your screen), 
  • When ready go for ‘check out
  • Fill out the contact information so we can deliver the bottles to the right address. You can use your discount code here if you have any. 
  • Once you fill out the information press continue and choose what shipping method you would prefer.
  • The final step is the payment. Any credit or debit card can be used for the payment. Fill out the billing information and you are all done.

Now sit at home and wait for the delivery!!! Trust me once you order scotch online, you won’t be back to old-style buying.