Dewar's White Label Scotch Whisky 750ml

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An elegant whisky with honey and spicy nuances while remaining light and Smokey. Experience the velvety smoothness that only 40 of Scotland's highest quality single malts and grain whiskies can offer, as well as over 150 years of Dewar's Scottish heritage.


Dewar’s White Label - Elegance At It Best

Dewar's White Label Scotch Whisky is one of the oldest Scotch whiskies in the world. Together with his sons John Alexander and Tommy, John Dewar formed the company in 1846. This scotch whisky has been made using a time-honored conventional distillation process since 1899. Honey, vanilla, apple, and wood combine to create a diverse and comforting blend with a smokiness and a trace of fudge on the finish. That means you won't have to go to a candy store or the grocery store to enjoy some divine chocolatey pleasure. White Label combines roughly 40 different whiskies, with Aberfeldy at its core.

Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey - The Oldest Scotch Whiskey

Dewar's White Label combines up to 40 of Scotland's finest single malt and grain whiskies, based on a recipe that dates back to 1899. The Scotch is aged twice: once before blending and again after. According to Dewar, this double-aging method results in a more balanced whisky.

The Celtic truth knot sometimes called a "love knot," inspired Dewar's emblem. It is an ancient Celtic emblem that represents power and longevity. The Dewar family carried this symbol's meaning to the next level, adding three Ds to represent the three Dewars who created the company, most likely hoping that their surname would carry on in the brand. Thanks to Dewar's millions of followers, the Dewar family's legacy has survived.

Dewar’s White Label - 1960’s-era Scotch profile with a bit of caramel

Uncorking Dewar's White Label and letting it breathe is the finest way to enjoy it. Pour it into your favorite rocks glass or snifter after a few minutes. This allows the combination to burst with taste, leaving you behind. It's not often that you want to get hit in the face with a grenade, but if it's Dewar's White Label, you'll probably overlook it. A hankering for mayhem may necessitate a Dewar's on its own. Keep this in your cabinet for when you want to have some fun.

Dewar's White Label is an excellent mixer if you absolutely must have a cocktail. To make a sophisticated Rob Roy, combine it with sweet vermouth and bitter. To make a delightful drink, mix equal parts Dewar's White Label and amaretto.

Order Dewar’s White Label on Bottle Broz. Find other Dewar’s products here.

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