How to Drink Scotch

You can not drink scotch the wrong way because there is no wrong way to drink scotch. The Scottish refreshment is filled with such amazing flavors it is one of the most enjoyable liquors available on this planet. Yes, we said there’s no wrong way to drink scotch but it won’t hurt to know some tricks that increase the experience even better. Here are some on how you can drink Scotch the right way. 

Best Way to Drink Scotch 

Here, at Liq and Wine Me, our experts explined us How to Drink Scotch. Below, we highlight the Best Way to Drink Scotch.

  •  With Water

  Scotch with water

Yes, simple and classic mixing up with room temperature water. Springwater is suggested for properly enriched flavors. Strongs scotches can be rough if you are not familiar with their character, adding good spring water makes it easy and opens up wood flavors. 


  • Neat Scotch

 Neat Scotch

Ask any whiskey lover, the best way to enjoy the full experience is to sip on the whiskey neatly. Single malt scotches have so much unique character that it might be considered as a mistreatment of the drink if you don’t drink it neat. Room temperature scotch is the way to go and using specific heavy bottom glasses are suggested. Before sipping let the scotch breath in the glass so you can discover its complex aroma and how it unfolds. Blended scotches are already mixed into the best way possible, so drinking blended scotch neatly is appreciated. 


  • With Ice

 Scotch on the Rocks

Not everyone comfortable with warm alcohol, if you want your drink to be cold make the glass filled with ice before pouring the liquor. Cooling makes the alcohol feed out a little making it easier for beginners. As we said before mixing the scotch with water is a good idea so ice is also there. Make sure the ice is made from good water otherwise don’t blame the scotch. 


  • Scotch Cocktails

 Scotch Cocktails

We can’t get enough cocktails. Alcohol was born to make our drinks better, so why not scotch. A good dose of scotch can take any cocktail on a higher level. Many may believe scotch is a hard drink and only meant for hard drinkers. But cocktails with scotch are very popular in the birthplace of scotch and they appreciate everyone enjoying the delicacy. Any whiskey cocktails can be replaced with scotch and you will be amazed to find out how it changes the whole hard scotch thing. 

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