6 Best Rye Whiskey Brands of 2022

Rye whisky is another American underdog whisky. Where bourbon is taking over the whisky market the rye whisky is also taking over with its spicy blends. A lot of distillery makes both bourbon and rye whisky. If you trust the bourbon brand you can also trust their rye as both are American whisky and have the uniqueness of their own. Here are some popular brands that deliver high-quality rye whisky.

6 Best Rye Whiskey Brands of 2022 

Here, we chose very few of the Best Rye Whiskey Brands that are available at Bottle Broz.

1. Elijah Craig  


Elijah Craig Rye

Elijah Craig is a reputed name in the American whiskey business. Their bourbons are on the top of our list. With that their only one product of rye whisky is worthy of the name. Elijah Craig introduced the rye whisky late in the business but since then it’s been on top of any best rye whisky list. Made from 51 percent rye, 35 percent corn, 14 percent malted barley this one is filled with spicy flavors blended with other complex textures. Order any day at Bottle Broz.

2. Michter’s

Michter’s Rye

Founded in 1753 Michter’s is one of the first whisky companies in the USA. Michter’s is loaded with several kinds of bourbons, American whiskies, and of course rye whiskies. None of those are negligible but Michter’s is known for its amazing rye bourbons. Ideal neat or in cocktails, every bottle comes from a single barrel – a unique attribute reflecting our extraordinary commitment to offering Kentucky Straight Rye whiskey of the absolute highest quality at every level of the Michter’s range. The price range is also very flexible in Michter’s. You can get the special Michter's Toasted Barrel Finish Rye Whiskey with the high price or settle for the mid-ranged Michter's Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey you will not be disappointed.

3. Wild turkey

Wild turkey Rye

Another American whiskey brand with remarkable bourbons. Rye whisky has also been a part of their distillery but it was introduced properly in early times. Since then the Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey has turned into a super hit. Rare breed rye is used in the produced which delivers the bold and creamy outcome. 

4.  WhistlePig

WhistlePig Rye

The world’s finest and most interesting rye whisky brand is WhistlePig. From a 150-year-old dairy firm WhistlePig begun its journey with an amazing collection of rye whiskey and within few years it is one of the remarkable brands in rye whisky brands. Their youngest release is the WhistlePig Aged 6 Years Piggyback Rye also the lowest price range from the brand. The others are aged for long and have the maturity and balanced outcome with it. So if you want a great experience in rye whisky choose any from WistlePig and call it a day. Order online at Bottle Broz and enjoy the nationwide home delivery.

5. High West

High West Rye

High West delivers mature rye whiskey in an affordable price range. Beginning its journey in 2006 High West has come so far with its amazing rye whisky products. located in Utah, specializes in sourcing whiskey (mostly rye, but also bourbon) from distilleries in Indiana and Kentucky, coming up with interesting blends and often finishing the liquid in various barrel types. Among all the products High West Double Rye Whiskey is a top lister. An amazing balance of spices with such maturity is rare in rye whisky. Also, the price makes it more affordable and allows you to enjoy the experience of good rye whisky. High West also produces bourbon and you can find all of it at Bottle Broz.


6. Old Carter

Old Carter Rye

The Old Carter Rye Whiskey Batch 6 is a name of high-quality rye whisky from old Carter. The small-batch style making of the whisky makes each batch special and always in demand. The amazing flavors and blend of complex textures are what make Old Carters Rye Whiskey remarkable. The dark color of the whiskey is filled with a sweet floral, fruity, and spicy background. Get yours at Bottle Broz from anywhere and get it delivered to your doorsteps any day.

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