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A Brief History Of Whiskey

Whiskey has a rich and exciting history. Although some specific dates have been forgotten, this chronology will help you grasp the concepts and comprehend their genesis.

1405: The first documented account of 'whisky' is found in the Irish Annals of Clonmacnoise, where it is written that a clan chief died after drinking too much aqua vitae at Christmas.

1494: As evidenced by a record in the Exchequer Rolls of 1494 in which King James IV of Scotland allocated a substantial amount of malt, the distillation of whiskey in Scotland is well underway.

1536-1541: The common public began to produce whisky.

1608: Northern Ireland's Old Bushmills Distillery is the world's oldest legal whiskey distillery.

1707-1725: The English Malt Tax of 1725 stopped whiskey production, forcing most Scottish distilleries to go underground and start production at night, earning whisky the moniker "moonshine."

1775-1783: During the American Revolutionary War, distillers frequently used whiskey as cash.

1820: John Walker, a Scottish grocer, started making his whisky, which would go on to become one of the most well-known and extensively distributed Scotch whisky brands in the world.

1823: Dr. James C. Crow invented the sour mash technique at the Woodford Reserve Distillery in Kentucky.

1831: Aeneas Coffey, an Irish inventor, invented the Coffey still after constructing a "continuous still" and upgrading the distillation technique. 

1840: For several years, Old Bourbon County made "Old Bourbon County Whiskey." It wasn't until 1840 when Jacob Spears branded his liquor as "Bourbon whiskey," formally given the term Bourbon.

1850: The first blended whisky was released.

Whiskey manufacturing has exploded worldwide, from Kentucky Bourbon to Japanese whisky. Whether drunk straight or in cocktails, the renowned spirit is one of the most popular in the world.

What is whiskey? 

Tough, tan, mighty whiskey is the most popular liquor and now you can buy whisky online from anywhere in the USA. Your favorite whisky brands are all available at Bottle Broz. Order online and get the best whisky in the comfort of your own house. Whisky is made from fermented grain mash, grains can be corn, barley, rye, wheat, and other mixed grains available on earth. The tough taste comes from the grains and the tan color comes from aging, most whiskeys are aged for a long period of time. The aging gives it color and the color and wooden casks are usually used for this process. Flavors from the cask and the grain blend together delivering the mighty whisky you love. 

What Are the Ingredients in Whiskey?

Corn, barley, rye, and wheat are used in the production of whisky. To generate the greatest whiskey tastes, a blend of grains is utilized as a basis. Grain or a mixture of grains is fermented under various circumstances and then distilled to extract the juice using various processes. The juice is then stored in oak barrels for a specified amount of time. Whisky is usually matured for at least three years, although it may be up to 72 years old. Yes, the world's oldest whiskey is almost a century old. The tastes of the fermented grains soften and mingle with the aromas of the oak barrels during age. A whisky that has been matured for a long time has a lot of flavor and personality, that is why whiskey has such a prestigious reputation among booze connoisseurs. Get the greatest whiskey bottle from Bottle Broz and have it delivered to your home anywhere in the United States.

Types Of Whiskey - Know The Difference to Order Whiskey Online 

There are numerous types of whiskey, which are usually defined by their origin, grain type, blending procedure, or aging process:

Bourbon Whiskey: Bourbon is an American whiskey made with at least 51% corn in the mash bill. It is often brewed in Kentucky.

Rye Whiskey: Rye whiskey is lighter-bodied than many other whiskeys, with a tingling spice that distinguishes it.

Scotch Whiskey: Scotch must be distilled, matured, and bottled entirely in the United Kingdom. According to Scottish legislation, scotch must be grown in wood casks for at least three years.

American Whiskey: The whiskey produced in the United States is American whiskey. They're all created from mashes that include at least 51% of their designated grains.

Irish Whiskey: It must be made from malt, cereal grain, and barley, be distilled, matured, and bottled in Ireland.

Canadian Whiskey: Must be made and aged in Canada, have a minimum ABV of 40%, and be aged for at least three years in hardwood barrels no larger than 700 liters.

Japanese Whisky: Distilled and aged in Japan, although not continuously distilled or aged there. While some Japanese whiskies are directly comparable to Scotch whisky, others are constantly evolving, utilizing the distinctive attributes of indigenous Japanese wood.

Whiskey VS Whisky - Which One is Correct?

The spelling is the primary distinction between whisky and whiskey. The word 'Whisky' is derived from the Scots and Gaelic words 'Uisce Beatha,' which means 'Water of Life.' Because of the 18th century Irish immigration to America, we also refer to American 'whiskey' spelled with an E.

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Best Time To Drink Whiskey

There is no one-size-fits-all optimal time to drink whiskey. It will always rely on why you're drinking whiskey.

  • Late morning is the most excellent time to drink whiskey if you want to taste it fully. Formal taste tests take place between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.

  • Do you want to drink to relax? It could be either early or late in the evening. It is all up to you.

  • When your pals are present to celebrate with you, it is the most incredible time to drink whiskey to mark a wonderful occasion.

  • The perfect time to drink whiskey is before or after dinner.

  • The ideal way to consume whiskey is before it oxidizes.

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