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Buy Eagle Rare Bourbon Whiskey Online - Buying & Testing Guide of Eagle Rare

Carefully aged bourbon is always desired among collectors who enjoy luxury bourbons from time to time. Eagle rare bourbon is aged no less than 10 years and serves the premium taste. Eagle rare bourbons are only released once a year and can be hard to get a hold of it.  Bottle Broz tries to keep up with the demands to serve you a hassle-free, efficient service. Order online at  Bottle Broz and we will deliver it to your doorsteps anywhere in the USA. Shop for yourself or send Eagle Rare Bourbon as a gift with a personal note.

Eagle Rare Bourbon Whisky

Collectors and those who appreciate luxury bourbons on occasion are always on the lookout for well-aged bourbon. Eagle rare bourbon is a premium whiskey that has been matured for at least ten years. Master distiller Charles L. Beam created Eagle Rare, a 101-proof ten-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey from Seagram. Eagle Rare was one of the last new bourbon labels to be introduced before the present age of small-batch bourbons.' In March 1989, the Sazerac Company, a New Orleans-based American family-owned producer and importer, purchased Eagle Rare from Seagram. Buffalo Trace Distillery is the name of Sazerac's Kentucky distillery.

Since March 2005, the original 101-proof ten-year-old non-single-barrel bourbon has been discontinued.

How Does Eagle Rare Taste Like?

Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon - Mash #1 (75% corn, 10% rye, 15% barley)

Eagle Rare 10 years is a bourbon with a high, distinct flavor profile that stands up to its name. The complexity of this outstanding bourbon's scent, as well as the smooth and lingering flavor, demonstrate its rarity.

Toffee aromas mingle with undertones of orange peel, herbs, honey, leather, and oak on the nose. The flavor is robust, dry, and delicate, with candied almonds and vibrant cocoa hints. It has a dry, lingering finish.

Eagle Rare 17 year - Mash Bill #1 (low rye ~10%)

The award-winning Buffalo Trace Antique Collection contains five bourbons, including Eagle Rare 17-year-old. Once a year in the fall, a limited batch of this rare bourbon is issued.

The delicate perfume has a wine-like quality with touches of almond, cigar boxes, and cinnamon. Leather, vanilla, and tobacco abound on the elegant and dry mid-palate. This bourbon lingers on the palate, leaving a trace of leather and toffee on the finish.

Double Eagle Very Rare - Mash Bill #1 (low rye ~10%)

The Double Eagle decanter features two magnificently sculpted crystal glass eagles, and this very rare 20-year-old bourbon whiskey matures twice as long as our regular Eagle Rare 10-year-old bourbon whiskey.

Double Eagle Very Rare comes in a deluxe silver box with a crystal bottle, making it a true collector's item. Only a few bottles were made, and each came with a letter of authenticity that was individually numbered.

This bourbon whiskey is impressively balanced even after two decades of maturing in oak barrels. The oaky flavor is elegantly aged, with hints of vanilla, toasted oak, and caramel. You've never had anything like it.

Eagle Rare Bourbon Whiskey Price List



Size (ml)


Eagle Rare 10 Years




Eagle Rare 17 Years



$ 2,213

Double Eagle Very Rare



$ 16,461


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