Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky 750ml

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Represents the harmony of Japanese nature and acquisition. Blossoming. Exuberant. A dazzling, ringing configuration. Pineapple, plum, raspberry, honey, and mallow aromas. Banana, pomegranate, dish, and pink pepper on the palate. The finish is nice, sour, and sophisticated.



Hibiki Japanese Harmony  - Transparency That Reflects Magnificence

Harmony is a felicitous phrase to express this well-balanced, Japanese elegance, Hibiki Japanese blended whiskey. Hibiki Japanese Harmony is a unique fusion of various malt and grain whiskies that are precisely blended, culminating in an orchestra of fragrances and sensations. It is widely regarded as the quintessence of Japanese whisky. In December 2017, Whisky Advocate honored Hibiki Harmony as the Japanese Whisky of the Year. In the 2020 International Spirits Challenge, they were awarded a Gold Medal.

Order this luminous, delicate Suntory whiskey on Bottle Broz.

Hibiki Harmony Whiskey - Suntory’s Masterpiece

“Hibiki is Suntory’s masterpiece,” When the brand first emerged in the United States, Fukuyo said, “The word means ‘resonance,’ and Harmony is a beautiful expression of that resonance.” 

The anchors to this complex blend are five specific component whiskies...

Malt whisky: It starts off light and sweet, with undertones of tannin and spice.

Chita grain whisky: It's referred to as "dashi" or "broth" by the brand, and is designed to bring everything together. It's young on its own, but is aromatically rich, with flavors of caramel, anise, and honey.

Sherry cask malt whisky: This slightly older whisky serves as a "dressing" or highlight, and is the sole dark-amber component of the primary five, providing individuality, flavor, and top notes of dried fruit, cigar, plum, and wood.

Mizunara cask malt whisky: Another "dressing" component, this is the blend's oldest whisky, aged 12 to 15 years in Japanese Mizunara casks and giving the whisky a "Japanese character."

Smoky malt whisky: To enhance richness and depth, a smidgeon of Islay-style smokey whisky is incorporated.

Altogether, of course, you get Harmony. You'll notice them all if you spend some time with the anchor components and then with the finished output.


Hibiki Whiskey - Name for Luminous Elegance

The amber-colored liquid has notes of rosemary, rose, lychee, with white chocolate and candied orange peel paving the way for sweetness. Hibiki Whiskey has a delicate aftertaste with a flavor of Japanese wood that clings on the palate.

It's best served neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water. It goes exceptionally well with Japanese cuisine. Hibiki, bitter Sencha green tea, and ginger liqueur combine to form the Sokaiya, a delicious drink.

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