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Buy Remy Martin Cognac Online - Buying & Drinking Guide for Remy Martin

Searching for a great gift that provides good value to your money? Remy Martin Cognac brandies are well known for their gift boxes and their premium quality liquor. The classy and elegant brandy will never fail to amaze you and whoever receiving the bottle. Visit  Bottle Broz for its collection of Remy Martin Cognac and choose from the regular gift sets. Order online and receive nationwide home delivery. Shop for yourself or send Remy Martin Cognac as a gift with a personal note.

What is Remy Martin Cognac?

Rémy Martin is a Cognac-producing organization based in France. It is one of the largest cognac makers and a member of the Comité Colbert, a society dedicated to "promoting the essence of elegance." It was founded in 1724, based in the commune of Cognac.

Rémy Martin pays tribute to the founder through its name. The centaur, an ancient Greek emblem - half man, half horse – that has graced the label of this legendary Cognac since 1870, is what identifies Rémy. It's a company with both its foot on the ground and its head in the sky.

Types of Remy Martin Bottle

Remy Martin has different Cognac in their display. Moreover, they have limited editions with their regulars, glorifying their collection. 

  • Remy Martin 1738 Royal: Introduced in 1997 and inspired by the royal proclamation issued in 1738 by King Louis XV awarding Rémy Martin the Accord Royal to recognize his artistry.
  • Remy Martin V.S.O.P.: Rémy Martin V.S.O.P. is the best-selling V.S.O.P. cognac in the world, having been introduced in 1927. In 1972, the frosted bottle was launched.
  • Remy Martin Tercet: Rémy Martin Tercet is a one-of-a-kind Cognac Fine Champagne made from delicate Eaux-de-vie with fresh and tropical fruit overtones.
  • Remy Martin Louis XIII: The Grande Champagne region of Cognac produces Rémy Martin Louis XIII cognac, matured in oak barrels for 40–80 years.
  • Remy Martin X.O.: XO is a combination of up to 400 Eaux-de-vie created by cellar master André Giraud in 1981.
  • Rémy Martin Carte Blanche à Baptiste Loiseau: The cellar master chose a single barrel blend, with all Eaux-de-vie being at least twenty years old.

What To Mix With Remy Martin Cognac

Rémy Martin is typically taken neat as an aperitif, but a drop of water brings out more fruity, flowery, and spicy notes and smooths out the tasting sensation. Cognac on the rocks is a light and airy exploration of sensations and aromas that reveal more freshness and a bounty of fruits. Remy Martin enhances any standard cognac drink. Ginger ale goes great with it. In addition, Remy Martin gives Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, Sidecars, and Mojitos an extra punch.

The most excellent pairings for Rémy Martin VSOP are fatty cheese, dried apricot, and licorice. Chocolate, figs, and candied fruits go well with Rémy Martin XO. The spicy aromas of Rémy Martin CLUB pair nicely with ginger, including notes of pepper and a dash of lemon.

Remy Martin Price 

Because of its excellent French grapes and outstanding purity, Rémy Martin is pricey. Rémy Martin's product is expertly crafted with a more premium spirit due to its high level of terroir or growth area. This liquor's premium collection, such as the Baptiste Loiseau, is the most expensive.





Remy Martin 1738 Royal

750 ml




750 ml




750 ml



Louis XIII Cognac

750 ml




750 ml



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