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Booker's Bourbon Batch 2020-03 'Pigskin Batch' 750ml

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Named after legendary distiller Booker Noe, Booker’s made its debut in 1988 as part of Jim Beam’s family of small-batch bourbon brands releasing bourbon exclusively at cask-strength. However, it was their aptly named Roundtable Releases that brought the brand much of its fame. Each release is vetted by a panel of whiskey experts and master blender/distiller Fred Noe, to ensure that it is up to his father’s high standards.

Fred Noe had won the Master blender/distiller award at the 2020 International Spirits Competition.

This recent limited release is uncut (not diluted) and unfiltered (non-chill filtered) and aged for more than 6 years. The term "Pigskin Batch" commemorates the late Booker Noe's love for football. This dark amber bourbon sets off aromas of vanilla and spices and tastes like candied fruit on the palate. Enjoy the generous ABV of 127.3 from a bottle of Booker's Bourbon Batch 2020-03 "Pigskin Batch".

A great gift choice for seasoned bourbon drinkers, don’t hesitate to send a Booker's Bourbon Batch 2020-03 "Pigskin Batch" to someone today and let them celebrate life’s best moments with another splendid release from one of the biggest names in bourbon.