Bottle Logic Arborescence Hazelnut Berry Stout 2020 22oz

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Craft Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Hazelnuts, Blackberries, and Allspice.

Arborescence is a small-batch release that celebrates the spirit of craft distilling.

We built a bold stout base to age in 15-gallon bourbon barrels from Los Angeles's R6 Distilling and Evanston, Illinois's FEW Spirits. Where our typical 53-gallon bourbon barrels layer hints of oak, vanilla, caramel, and just a nip of bourbon spirit into a finished beer, the increased contact area of liquid to wood across this medley of small vessels amplifies these rich flavors and makes for a barrel-forward, 15.21% ABV finished product.

We've made elegant use of adjuncts carefully selected to complement this rare barrel character. Summer blackberries root an earthy, subtle sweetness through the liquid. Smooth, nutty depth stems from a finishing filter through hazelnuts. A faint dusting of allspice finishes the piece with almost-imperceptible nuance.

This is the bourbon drinker's answer to pastry stouts.