Captain Morgan Private Stock Rum 750ml

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Rich, dark, and full-bodied, Captain Morgan Private Stock blends hints of secret island spices with a smooth velvet texture. The craft of Caribbean rum-making is over 300 years old. Captain Morgan Private Stock is one the most sophisticated rums to come from this long-standing tradition.


What is Captain Morgan Private Stock?


The amber beauty, Captain Morgan Private Stock, lifts the spirit of the famous pirate, and eventual governor of Jamaica Captain Henry Morgan, to the highest level. With the allusion of secret island spices and smooth velvet texture, Captain Morgan Private stock rum, will be the confidant in your stressful days. 

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What is Captain Morgan Rum Made from?


Captain Morgan Private stock, is one of their Luxurious spiced rum. Made from Captain Morgan’s finest reserve, amalgamated with a richer blend of mellow island spices, this beauty is aged for at least two years. The aromas of sweet dark fruit, delicate spice, and molasses overwhelm the nose. The palate is rich and generous, with soft spice and candied fruit notes that lead to a warm and fulfilling aftertaste.

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What to Mix with Captain Morgan Private Stock.


With the seductive scents of Banana, vanilla, nuts, and spices, Captain Morgan Private stock rum is a great sipper.  Though many consider the captain as a great mixer, you will enjoy Captain Morgan Private Stock neat or on the rocks. That doesn’t mean it won’t be remarkable in a cocktail. It's a real treat with coke. It's also an excellent choice for any recipe that calls for a spiced rum. Through its exceptional punch, a pina colada with Captain Morgan Private Stock can carry you to a tropical paradise in an instant. Mix the rum with pineapple juice, coconut cream, ice, and enjoy this summertime drink. For an extra pump of flavoring, private stock rum with a tinge of cream can make any bland coffee fascinating.  Though the fusion of 1.5 ounces of private stock rum and 4 ounces of ginger beer is no Dark N Stormy, it’s extremely flavorsome.

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