Chula Parranda Blanco 750ml

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Chula Parranda tequila - Delicacy of SilverTequila 

The Agaves are collected at a particular age to maintain the quality of the tequila and then the agave pinas are crushed using different methods and cooked in an oven and finally distilled. The clear silver tequila holds the most earthy flavors and the fresh agave aroma. Popular to mix in different cocktails also shots of Blanco tequilas are always a good way to celebrate or swallow the problems. The Chula Parranda Blanco Tequila is created to ensure that delicacy and deliver to people around the world. 

Chula Parranda was founded on the premise of creating the highest quality tequila that is rich in flavor and full of aroma. It is produced and bottled by Tequila Tres Mujeres. An award winner at the New York International Spirits Competition, the Chula Parranda portfolio is nothing less than premium quality and will not disappoint. This Blanco is bottled after distillation. 40% alc/vol.

The flavors of Chula Parranda are remarkable and great to mix in cocktails. Drinking neat over ice is another way to enjoy. The mild aroma is enough to get you hooked up with the drink. One of the best-smelling Blanco tequila out there is the Chula Parranda Blanco Tequila. The Aroma is mild with cooked agave and fascinating herbal and floral notes. The Herbal notes may include mushrooms. Water and sweet flavor will meet your thirst for a good Blanco tequila. A hint of subtle pepper and mints will take you to the sweet finish. All the flavors come together at the end and leave you with a memorable taste. Order at Lq and Wine Me and enjoy the flavors whenever you wish.

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