Chula Parranda Extra Anejo 750ml

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Extra Anejo tequila, a fairly new classification that denotes any tequila aged longer than three years. This kind is described as having a complexity on par with cognac or whisky; a sipper's tequila. It has a dark amber color and sweet aroma with excellent toasted flavor and vanilla note.

Chula Parranda - Delicacy of Well-aged Tequila

Extra Añejo tequila is very different from regular tequila. The delicacy of high-quality tequila comes from well-aged tequilas and extra Anejo tequilas just simply ensure that. Where an Anejo tequila is aged from one to three years extra anejos complete five years in barrels to ensure it is well rested and rich with flavors. The Chula Parranda Extra Anejo is created to ensure delicacy and delivery to people around the world. Here in the USA, Bottle Broz is delivering the experience by nationwide delivery.

Chula Parranda Tequila - Experience the Unique Tequilas

The Beautiful dark, dark amber with reddish tones and intense tones of orange Chula Parranda extra Anejo has the perfect body and flavors. The welcoming intense aroma of wood, vanilla, cooked agave, caramel, with touches of dried fruit, chocolate, and spices, rosemary, and pepper is unavoidable. The delightful and complex flavors of wood, vanilla, oak, nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate are remarkable and will win your heart with one sip. The creamy, elegant, satisfying, and enjoyable smooth finish will leave you amazed. 


Chula Parranda Extra Añejo - Handcrafted Ultra Quality Tequila

Made from the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave Chula Parranda Extra Anejo is a must-try. Pour it in a glass that will allow the drink to sit and open up while you prepare yourself for the ultimate experience of matured tequila. Aged for at least 5 years in French Oak barrels Chula Parranda Extra Anejo is definitely an excellent tequila with perfect dark amber color and a taste that can only be described as amazing. Order at Lq and Wine Me and enjoy the flavors whenever you wish.

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