Cincoro Blanco Tequila 750ml

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Cincoro Blanco Tequila - More than a Basic Blanco

The agave used in Cincoro tequilas is hand-selected, slow-cooked, distilled, and barrel-aged separately in underground cellars before being artfully blended into a single exceptional tequila. A rich and delicious family of tequilas with an ultra-smooth long finish Cincoro is a producer of one premium quality tequila for a taste unlike any other. 
When it comes to Celebrity tequila a lot of the brands fail to deliver but the Cincoro is living up to the name and hype with its premium quality tequila. The silver tequila in the long classy bottle lives out the brand name and serves the balanced and smooth Blanco tequila. The nose of the silver tequila is pungent and peppery. The clear notes of hibiscus and raspberry can’t be ignored. The subtle creaminess is perfect to enjoy the spicy notes on the palate. A touch of cinnamon, Mexican chocolate is noticeable. With all the flavors the Cincoro Blanco does not lose the touch of earthiness expected from a Blanco tequila. The tequila ends with a touch of spice but a sweet finish.

Silver tequila is the name of the simplest tequila there is, but Cincoro tequila Blanco adds a complexity that makes the drink more enjoyable compared to other Blanco tequilas. Cincoro Blanco is an exceptionally smooth expression made with 100% Weber blue agave from both the highlands and lowland region of Jalisco, Mexico. The combination of agave makes this Blanco tequila exceptionally smooth on the palate, with light notes of citrus and vanilla, and refreshing enough to be drunk neat, on the rocks, or mixed in a cocktail. Get Michael Jordan’s preferred tequila.

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