Courvoisier VS 750ml

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Crafted with blends heralding from the Fins Bois and Petite Champagne crus, the delicate ripened fruit, fresh oak, and spring floral notes of our signature Courvoisier VS Cognac are cultivated through skillful distillation and aging.

What is Courvoisier VS Cognac?

Courvoisier VS is a pleasant entrée to the characteristic Courvoisier Maison aesthetic. It is a sophisticated and well-balanced cognac with powerful overtones of fresh fruit and a light oaky flavor. Courvoisier VS cognac combines multiple crus aged three to seven years, primarily Fins Bois, with a touch of Petite Champagne thrown in for good measure. Fruit, flowery, strawberry, and peach flavor nuances make it a fan favorite.

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Courvoisier VS Cognac - Rich & Fruity Flavor at Affordable Price

The amber-colored Courvoisier VS cognac with 40% abv has a rich and fruity style. A rich and delicate palate with a scent of ripe fruit and spring flowers results from a blend of young and old cognac. Generations of production have resulted in exceptional oak control in this cognac, enabling the floral and fruit notes to emerge while the wood adds a delicate and controlled spiciness.

The scent is fruity and fragrant, with a hint of "strawberry wrapped in caramel."

The Bon Bois and Fins Bois are distilled without lees, bringing the apple, pear, and grapefruit fruit notes to the fore. The spring blossom erupts forth from Maison Courvoisier's unmistakable house style. Our VS is well balanced with a crisp oaky finish thanks to the Petite Champagne distilled with lees, which adds complexity and longevity.

How to Drink Courvoisier VS Cognac?

Courvoisier VS cognac can be consumed in several ways, including neat, on the rocks, and in cocktails, but that's not all. It's also a fantastic complement to a wide range of foods.

(served at -18 degrees Celsius) Courvoisier VS Cognacs complement finely smoked herring. In cognac, grapes, citrus, pear, vine blossom, and petunia smells complement the herring's salty, smoky qualities. It also goes well with COMTÉ, an aged French cheese from the Jura area. The flowery, oaky notes and richer fruit flavors of the VS mix pair wonderfully with the sweet and salty undertones.

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