Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum 750ml

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In her exertion to deliver the richest aged rum mixed with the most luscious dark chocolate to the United States, creator Kim Brandi crafted Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum. Superior sipping rum with a lusciously dark, slow-roasted chocolate infusion. Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum was motivated by Mayan and Aztec Emperors' old recipes. Single Blended. A five-year-old. It's 70 proof. The bottle is shaped like a Shrunken Monkey Head.

Deadhead Rum - Just The Right Amount Of Chocolate

The founder of Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum, Kim Brandi, set out to deliver the finest aged rum mixed with the most luscious dark chocolate to the United States. DeadHead Rum is a single blended five-year-old rum manufactured from sugar cane juice and molasses harvested on the estate. It was matured for five years in American and Chiapas oak barrels and blended with organic cacao from the surrounding area. The luscious texture of Deadhead Dark Chocolate rum is enhanced by the addition of dark, but not bittersweet, chocolate. We're not just saying it because we think it's cool; it's won prizes to verify it. 2017 International Spirit Competition Gold Medalist. The Tasting Panel gave it 92 points.

Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum - Homage to Old Spiritual Beliefs

On the nose, this single blended, 5-year-old rum infused with organic cacao has notes of coffee and butterscotch, with a faint hint of dark chocolate in the bouquet. A rich dark chocolate flavor dominates on the initial taste, blended with a back note of Bing cherry and cream soda.

To complement Deadhead Rum's signature label, a shrunken head monkey vessel was created to carry this world-class rum. Kim Brandi describes the new bottle's concept. "The shrunken head monkey vessel that houses our dark chocolate rum pays homage to the Maya and Aztec cultures' old spiritual beliefs." Monkeys and cacao are frequently shown together in pre-Colombian folklore and art. "A shrunken head monkey is an appropriate vessel for Cacao-infused rum."

Deadhead Rum -  Taste the Old Champurrado

Drink Deadhead rum with a slice of lime and a dash of water or ice. Alternatively, you can drink it straight from a small glass warmed between your palms. Or, you can try one of our favorite drinks.

Mix Deadhead Chocolate Rum, Deadhead 6 Year, Nixta Licor de Elote, Piloncillo Syrup, Bittermens Elemakule Bitters in a Champurrado Old Fashioned. Serve with a toasted cinnamon stick as a garnish.

Fresh orange juice, Deadhead Dark Chocolate rum, Campari, Luxardo Amaro, and coffee syrup make up the Curse of the Shrunken Monkey. Pour all ingredients into a blender, along with 1 cup of ice. Blend until completely smooth. In a Pearl Diver glass, serve Garnish with a blood orange wheel.

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