Deadhead Rum 750ml

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The chocolate, coffee, nutmeg, and spicy flavor characteristics of DeadHead Rum, which is painstakingly distilled at Dead Head, are adored. DeadHead Rum, 40% ABV (80 Proof), is a magnificent cane spirit housed in one of the most eye-catching bottles. This rum is great for sipping.


DeadHead Rum - Chiapa’s Exotic Rum

Deadhead Rum, the unusual rum, has traveled a long distance from the Chiapas jungle to your glass. It is a magnificent cane spirit outfitted with possibly the most remarkable bottle since the emergence of packaging. Its genuinely outstanding artist-rendered shrunken head bottle, the fierce statement about truthfulness, and attention to artistry in distillation extend the field's expertise beyond the bottle to the glass.


6 Year Old DeadHead Rum

Deadhead Rum is brewed from a mixture of pure sugarcane juice and rich molasses farmed on privately operated estates in coastal Tapachula, Chiapas, which produces some of the world's best rums. For six years, the rum is matured in French and American oak barrels after being slowly fermented and double-distilled in small batches for superb scent, texture, and a pure, clean finish. As the spirit ages and mellows, the interplay of wood imparts a lovely golden color to our rum. 

It is infused with scents of treacle, coffee, cola nut, chocolate, filbert, allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg, all of which carry through to the palate, along with tastes of leather, anise, and caramel, all of which play in exquisite harmony. The finish lingers and fades gradually, with subtle flavor restatements. This is a fantastic sipping rum, and the powerful aromatics and bright flavors of Deadhead make it an outstanding choice for masterpiece or Tiki cocktails. It is bottled with a 40% alcohol content.


DeadHead Rum Price - Buy For a Reasonable Price

Deadhead's top-tier aged variety, with their six-year-old rum housed in a bottle resembling a shrunken head, or tsantsa, received as a memento from fallen opponents by Amazonian natives. DeadHead Rum is perfect for sipping after dinner, and its dazzling tastes make it an excellent choice for traditional tall drinks. 

Tukupi's Cup is DeadHead's homage to Tukupi, a great shaman and elder from the Jivaro tribe's Shuar clan.

Shake two cups of crushed ice with Deadhead Rum, lime juice, passion fruit syrup, maple syrup, and Bitters, then strain into an old-fashioned double glass.

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