Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch C921 750ml

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Back for its third and final batch of the year, C921 is another relatively low proof Elijah Craig Barrel Proof release clocking in just a little higher than Batch B521 at 120.2 proof. Batch C921 is notably better than B521, but doesn’t reach the same height as some of the brand’s best batches, such as B520.

It does, however, offer something no other batch has quite matched - a flavor profile reminiscent of the old standard “big red 12” age stated Small Batch Bourbon. Highlighting a complex combination of aged oak notes, and drinking lower than its proof, the bourbon trades more typical spice and sweet notes for oak notes, which includes a pleasing funky seasoned oak note that showcases the bourbon’s age. For those who enjoy an oak-focused bourbon, Batch C921 will be your jam.