Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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This incredibly delicate, small-batch Bourbon will prove that combining Bourbons is a craft in itself. The Master Distiller skilfully selected four original and exclusive Bourbon recipes at the peak of maturation to make this exceptionally mellow and beautifully balanced Bourbon. You can drink it straight up, on the rocks, or with a dash of your favorite mixer. The alcohol content is 90%. Alcohol by volume is 45 percent.

Four Roses Small Batch - A Perfect Blend Of Art And Excellence

This flawlessly blended, four roses small batch is a testament that marrying Bourbons is a skill unto itself. It's a smooth whiskey with rich red berries and a spicy, vanilla-like scent. As a result, it's a beautiful, silky Bourbon. Four Roses offer ten different recipes thanks to two separate mash bills and five different yeast strains. Small Batch, a one-of-a-kind and perfectly balanced Bourbon, is made from four of these formulas. Each Bourbon is hand-selected, blended, and matured for four years. Two of the Bourbons have a lot of rye in them, so they have a lot of rich peppery notes, while the other two have more fruity flavors.

Small Batch Bourbon - Supreme Delicacy With Creme Anglaise

There are aromas of winter spice and buttered granary toast with thick honey on the nose, which is delicate and mellow. There are undertones of cut flowers and dried hay in this scent. The palate is significantly richer and more balanced. Manuka honey, winter spice, toasty oak, a touch of crème anglaise, and rich fruit are the notes. The finish is long and lingering, with a revival of crème anglaise. Straight up, on the rocks, or just with a dash of your favorite mixer is the most pleasing way to enjoy it. At the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Four Roses Small Batch earned 21 honors, including two gold medals.

Four Roses Small Batch - Attitude Is Everything

I mean, it's your whiskey, so enjoy it as you want. But here are a few of our favorites. Look over it. Take a chance on it.

Old Fashioned With A Twist: In a mixing glass, combine Four Roses Small Batch, Apple Cider Honey, and Aromatic Bitters. Strain over ice and serve with a cinnamon stick and an apple fan.

Bourbon Espresso: In a cocktail shaker tin, Shake the Bourbon, coffee liqueur, and espresso vigorously with ice. Strain the cocktail into a chilled martini glass and garnish with three espresso coffee beans balanced on the foam. If necessary, add sugar.

Belle Of The Ball: To a shaking container, add Fresh Lemon Juice, Grenadine, Rose Water, and Egg White. Double strain into a chilled coupe after adding ice. Across the top of the foam, garnish with bitters.

Bottle Broz has a massive collection of Four Roses. Look here.

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