Hendrick's Gin 750ml

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Hendrick's is a unique gin made with eleven exotic herbs. The strange but beautiful infusions of rose and cucumber enrich the spirit with a perfectly harmonized flavor, resulting in an unmistakably smooth and unusual gin. It's a genuinely special cocktail sensation, giving new life to the traditional martini or with a dash of tonic and a wedge of fresh cucumber.


Hendrick’s Gin - Irresistible. Alluring. Enchanting.

Hendrick's Gin is a pleasantly strange drink with a particular character that sticks out from the others, proudly proclaimed as "a most unusual gin." Hendrick's is made by mixing two spirits from two unique stills: the Bennet still and the Carter-Head still. William Grant & Sons' small-batch Gin is brewed with cucumber, rose, and classic juniper at the label's Scottish distillery. The end product is a perfectly balanced gin. Hendrick's Gin is made in modest 500-liter batches, enabling the master distiller, Ms. Lesley Gracie, more control over her expertise. Ms. Gracie is one of the world's greatest gin creators, part alchemist, part liquid poet, and scientist. 

Hendrick’s Gin - Oddly Infused With Cucumber And Rose

The very smooth Gin has a superb blend of delicate flavors, including lovely floral, fruit, root, and seed overtones. Hendrick's has been dubbed the "Best Gin in the World" by the Wall Street Journal.

The nose features a juniper and a musky trace of rose, Sweet orange, lime zest, and a smidgeon of elderflower.

The taste has the backbone of a very traditional gin. The angelica, coriander, juniper, and orris root accords are present. On top of that, Hendrick's has a surprising amount of citrus, particularly on the mid-palate, where orange and lime reappear, almost candy-like.

Hendrick's Gin has a long aftertaste with a juniper-driven astringency, with notes of soaked rose petal, lime, and Persian cucumbers.

Hendrick’s Gin Price - At An Extremely Good Price

You can enjoy a unique rose and cucumber infusion with Hendrick's Gin. This combination of distinct yet subtle flavors provides a unique spin to the standard gin and tonic. Why settle for the mundane when you may have something extraordinary? According to William Grant & Sons, the gin should be served over ice with tonic water, according to William Grant & Sons. Instead of a lemon wedge, a cucumber slice might be used as a garnish. Serving the gin with soda water and a sprig of elderflower is another excellent alternative.

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