Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10 Year Old Bourbon

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Henry Mckenna 10 Year - The Longest Matured Bottled-in-Bond


In 1837, a young Irishman, famed for his exceptional whiskey-making abilities arrived in America with his family's whiskey formula, which had been passed down for centuries. Mr. McKenna fell in love with Kentucky whiskey right away and set out to improve it using his family's formula. Henry McKenna Single Barrel is the most matured Bottled-in-Bond available today, having spent 40 Kentucky seasons in the barrel. Henry McKenna 10 years is the Whiskey of the year winner at the 2019 San Francisco Spirits Competition.


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Henry Mckenna Single Barrel - Flawlessly Balanced Whiskey


A rich flood of oaky vanilla greets you right away. Warm maple syrup, duck fat, tarragon, cumin, conifers, and crushed red pepper flakes are just a few of the more intriguing and nuanced aromas that emerge. The interplay of the components is lovely, and we guarantee you that you will have euphoric pleasure when nosing a bourbon. Although there are hints of Heaven Hill's signature wet pennies and clementines, this is a largely sweet and spicy pleasure. This is carried from the front of the mouth to the midpalate by a luscious wave of caramelized sugar, macerated red fruit, and sticky toffee pudding. There, a sweltering heat collides with the pleasantly spicy aroma of Mexican brown sugar, enveloping the taste receptors. The transition to the end is marked by the dilute, sweet flavor of chocolate milk, which re-establishes Heaven Hill's typical steely austerity. As for lasting reminders of this, I'm left with a subtle tingle, a mineral dryness, and a residual warming heat through the tongue.


Henry Mckenna 10 Year Bourbon - Neat, On the Rocks, or in a Cocktail?


Henry McKenna Single Barrel, aged 10 years, a 100 proof liquor, has a taste of oak, sharp spices, honey, and sweetness. If you inquire whether you should drink it neat or not, we will clearly recommend that you drink it neat first. Then you may truly appreciate the divine flavor. Adding a few ice cubes to the mix will only add to the flavor. This is a fantastic choice for a cocktail. Any classic cocktail that calls for whiskey will be enhanced by the addition of Henry McKenna 10 years. 


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