Herradura Legend Anejo Tequila 750ml

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Añejo tequilas - means "mature" or "aged" tequila in English. To be called "Añejo," tequila must be matured for one to three years. Herradura Legend Tequila is a lasting contribution to the brand's inventory, made entirely of 100% blue weber agave. For the maturing process, Casa Herradura makes its barrels. It's prominent for its agave, coriander, vanilla, and toasted oak aromas.

Herradura Tequila - One-of-a-kind Añejo

Herradura Tequila is an Añejo tequila that shows Tequila Herradura's excellence in barrel-making. Añejo tequilas, which essentially translates to "mature" or "aged" tequila. Tequila must be aged one to three years to be labeled "Añejo," giving the drink a smoky, rich flavor similar to Cognac or bourbon. Herradura Tequila is crafted from 100 percent blue agave, processed organically, distilled, and aged for 14 months in deeply charred new American White Oak barrels. As the tequila matures in these specific barrels, it is exposed to further layers of toasted oak, resulting in a unique Añejo tequila with vibrant, deep color and a luscious, velvety smooth taste.

Best served neat in a flute glass or with a couple of water drops to boost the smooth toasted oak sensations.

Herradura Tequila - Worthy Of The Hype?

The scent of Herradura Tequila has undoubtedly been impacted by the grooved barrels. On the nose, you'll experience roasted agave's characteristic odor, as well as wood, vanilla, and caramel, with a hint of dry fruit. Toasted oak, vanilla, dried fruit, and caramel are blended with roasted agave and a little spice for delicious sipping of tequila. The tequila has a medium body and spicy agave aromas typical of Herradura tequila. The tequila feels warm in your chest and has an earthy, bittersweet aftertaste. Because these are new casks, rather than used bourbon barrels, the tequila retains its peppery and herbaceous character.

Herradura Tequila Price - Find A Great Deal

Because of its velvety flavor, Herradura Tequila is easy to drink. You can drink it straight up, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. We're sharing two of our favorite cocktail recipes with you as a thank you for your support. Drink responsibly.

Horseshoe margarita: Two parts Tequila Herradura, 1 tbsp lime juice, freshly squeezed agave nectar (12-34% agave) (to taste)

Shake all of the ingredients with ice to chill. Strain over ice and serve with a half-salt rim and lime wedge.

El Duelo: 2 parts Tequila Herradura, 1 part fresh lime juice, ½-¾ agave nectar (to taste), ½ part Tamarind nectar Rim half of the coupe glass with Tajin Chili.

Shake vigorously to cold all contents in a shaker with ice—strain into a glass.

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