Isaac Bowman Port Barrel Finished Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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Given the breakthrough of their limited edition Abraham Bowman Port Finished Bourbon in 2016, this is a permanent inclusion to the A. Smith Bowman range. The flavors of stewed fruit, rancio, and sultana in Port are a natural match for the warm caramels and vanilla in superb Bourbon. In 2016, Isaac Bowman Bourbon was named World's Best Bourbon. Isaac Bowman Port Barrel takes it to the next level.


Isaac Bowman Port Barrel - Promise Of Excellence

  1. Smith Bowman developed a revolutionary distillery on farmland in 1934 and converted it into a family company. Since then, its focus has evolved from its classic attitude to producing quality handcrafted small batches and experimental editions that are at the heart of innovation. The latest addition is Isaac Bowman Port Barrel. 

The actual mash bill isn't known, although it's at least 51% corn. The whiskey is aged in fresh, charred American white oak barrels. There is no particular age statement, but it is between 4.5 and 5.5 years old. The whiskey matures in port barrels made of American and French Limousin oak from Virginia and Portugal for 3-6 months before being blended to create the bourbon to be bottled. It's packaged at 92 proof.

Bowman Bourbon - Tasting Notes

Color: Luxurious, with a port wine-kissed mahogany appearance.

Nose: The port is immediately apparent, as is the stewed fruit – rustic and sweet. Another layer of milder sweetness reminded me of gummy bears, followed by a hint of spice.

Palate: Textured and deep. Baked stone fruit in a batter (like traditional hamantaschen or Pueblo prune pies). The sweetness isn't overwhelming; instead, it's lively and rich, and it fades away wonderfully. The finish is balanced with a hint of oak and a toasty char.

Finish: A medium-length finish with a hint of sweetness.

Isaac Bowman Port Barrel - Recommended Cocktails

As one might expect, there are numerous ways to enjoy Isaac Bowman Port Barrel. For your enjoyment, we've included two of our favorite cocktail recipes.

Southern wind:  

  • Add Isaac Bowman Port t  syrup and bitters. 
  • Add ice to the mix. 
  • Stir until everything is well mixed and cold. 
  • Fill a hard rocks glass halfway with ice and strain it. 
  • Spritz the top of the glass with 1-2 spritzes of honeysuckle spray. 
  • Serve with caramelized lemon peel as a garnish.

Maple leaf: 

  • In a shaker, combine Isaac Bowman, maple syrup, and lemon juice. 
  • Shake in the ice. 
  • Pour the drink through a strainer into a chilled stemmed cocktail glass without ice, removing any lemon pulp.

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