Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea Voyage 23 750ml

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The bourbon from Jefferson's Ocean was aged at sea for 6-8 years before being placed onto a cargo ship for six months. Jefferson's ocean aged at sea has thick overtones of vanilla and caramelized sugar that lead to saline, savory flavor with a creamy, buttery mouthfeel. The finish is long and complex.


Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea - Homage to Thomas Jefferson

Trey Zoeller got the Jefferson's Ocean line concept when witnessing bourbon rock gently against the window on a friend's boat. The result was a collection of delicious dark bourbons matured for years on OCEARCH ships while they sailed across the world. Jefferson's Ocean bourbon aged at sea was matured for 6-8 years before being loaded onto a container ship for six months, when the barrels shook and sloshed their way across the oceans, stopping in 31 ports and crossing the equator four times. According to the concept, the constant movement of the liquid in the barrels causes the whiskey to age faster because more of the liquid comes into contact with the wood more frequently. This was no ordinary excursion, and the bourbon that resulted was excellent.

Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea - Flavor Created By The Sea

Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea begins with a combination of seven and eight-year-old Jefferson's Bourbon. They've tied the knot and completed at sea.  It's been four times around the equator before reaching port and being bottled at 45% ABV. The frequent agitation and shifting climate produced a sweet, caramelized flavor similar to black rum. The salty ocean air and sea spray gave it the savory, saline taste of an Islay Scotch whisky. The scent is light and fresh, with salted caramel and ginger hints. Warm and complex on the palate, with sea-salt caramel truffles, allspice berries, and exotic fruit in the background. The finish is medium-length and friendly, with a vanilla flavor that blooms.

Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea - Enjoy The Special Whiskey At Lower Price

Jefferson's Ocean Whiskey is not like any other whiskey we've tried before. And, of course, in a positive way. It's cherished for its caramel, ginger, salt, and truffle overtones, all of which taste well neat or on the rocks. It also adds a new dimension to traditional whiskey cocktails. In our old-fashioned, mule, manhattan cocktail, and other drinks, we enjoy Jefferson's Ocean aged at sea. So purchase Bottle Broz's favorite Jefferson's ocean whiskey and enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails.

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