Knob Creek Aged 9 Years Kentucky Straight Bourbon 750ml

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This is an undeniably huge, full flavor with a maple sugar scent, unique sweetness, and a thick, woody, caramel flavor. It's matured in the most charred American Oak barrels before being bottled at 100 percent. The age statement ensures that what is in the bottle is in the bottle; the aging softens the bite and improves the flavor. In addition, the greater proof of the whiskey brings out the natural flavor character.


Knob Creek 9 Year - Suitable For Vegetarians

Jim Beam's Small Batch Bourbon Collection includes four bourbons, including Knob Creek 9 years. Basil Hayden's, Baker's Bourbon, and Booker's Bourbon are the others. "Every batch is aged in maximum-char barrels to draw every last drop of genuine richness from the wood," says Beam. Knob Creek had a 9-year age statement from when it was first released in 1992 until late 2016. Beam withdrew the age statement in 2016, claiming that they couldn't guarantee that all barrels would be aged to 9 years due to inventory concerns. The 9-year age statement was reinstated in the small-batch bottle in 2020.

Small Batch Bourbon

75 percent corn, 13% rye, and 12% malted barley are used in the mash bill of this small-batch bourbon. Knob Creek 9 years has a spicy and sweet aroma to it. Melted salted butter on granary toast, toasty oak, and a hint of rye with caramel sweetness are all present. The palate has a lively, robust feel about it. Candy floss and nut oil are present, as well as a hint of spice and dark chocolate, as well as a hint of burnt oak. There are aromas of nut oils and vanilla spice on the long finish, slightly dry. Make a more potent classic cocktail out of it, or drink it straight.

Knob Creek 9 Year - Long-Aged, High-Rye Bourbon

The Small Batch Bourbon is excellent on its own or on the rocks. Its candy, nutty flavor brings a twist to any classic bourbon cocktail. Let us share our beloved cocktail recipe -

Lion's Tail: 

  • Whisk Knob Creek Bourbon, fresh lime juice, allspice dram liqueur, Angostura Bitters, and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. 
  • Fill a cold glass with the mixture. 
  • Serve with a lime twist as a garnish.


  • Stir Knob Creek Bourbon, sweet vermouth, Campari Liqueur for 30 seconds in a mixing glass with ice. 
  • Strain into a rock's glass. 
  • Garnish with an orange twist.

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