Belaire Rare Luxe 750ml

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Belaire Rare Luxe is made exclusively of Burgundy Chardonnay grapes. The Luxe package is a lovely white bottle that deviates from the rest of the Luc Belaire black range. The Luxe design is as exquisite as the drink within with gold trim and a gold label.

Belaire Rare Luxe - Luxury in a Bottle

Belaire Rare Luxe is produced entirely of Chardonnay grapes from Burgundy. The Chardonnay is mixed with an oak-aged Chablis dose for added richness and smoothness, making this sparkling wine really unique. Coming from Burgundy, one of the most famous wine-producing regions in France, you can be confident that the richness and the thorough vinification technique utilized reflect the traditional French approach to wine. The Luxe packaging is a rare and stunning white bottle that contrasts elegantly with the rest of the Luc Belaire range, which is generally black. The Luxe style is as elegant as the drink within, with gold trim and a gold label. These bottles can be found on club dance floors or propped up in trendy pubs.

Belaire Rare Luxe - Tasting Notes

Belaire Rare Luxe has a medium-intensity lemon-yellow tint. It does, in fact, seem magnificent next to the white bottle!

The nose is pretty robust and driven by a plethora of fruity characters: fresh white peach and pink grapefruit create an initial exuberance of tangy, lemony scents.

The palate is beautifully balanced, ranging from off-dry to medium-sweet, but supported by good acidity.

Flavors are pretty clean, reminiscent of ripe pineapple, strong peach juice, and plenty of delicious citruses. The sweetness complements them and brings these fruit flavors to the forefront, creating a delightful sensation.

The end on grapefruit-tanginess, along with a touch of bitterness that pairs well with powerful grapefruit notes, gives the finish a pleasant tone, somewhat savory feel, similar to grapefruit juice.

Belaire Luxe Price - A Elegant Gift for Your Loved One

Belaire Rare Luxe can be consumed both chilled and neat. However, if you're feeling fancy, you can change things up slightly. Pour Luc Belaire over ice and serve with strawberries, grapefruit, or fresh grapes.

You may even use Luc Belaire in sophisticated drinks. For example, try a Kir Royale, which is made by pouring a shot of sweet blackcurrant Crème de cassis liqueur into a champagne flute and topping it up with sparkling wine. If you like a more acidic flavor, make a classic Champagne Cocktail by combining a few drops of bitters with a sugar cube and dropping it into your sparkling wine with a lemon twist.

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