Maker's Mark Bourbon 750ml

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This signature Maker’s Mark handmade bourbon is crafted from corn, malted barley, and red winter wheat.


Maker’s Mark Bourbon - A one-of-a-kind, full-flavored Bourbon

Maker’s Mark Bourbon improved our thoughts about bourbon Because Bill Samuels Sr. changed the traditional way of making bourbon whiskey. Maker's Mark is in a class itself, flavorful bourbon that's simple to sip, as it's brewed with soft red winter wheat instead of the customary rye. To create the Maker's Mark seal, each bottle is hand-dipped in the trademark red wax.

This premium bourbon whiskey has a softer flavor with undertones of caramel and vanilla that's great in cocktails or over ice. Buy from Bottle Broz and enjoy it the way you prefer. 

Maker’s Mark  Whiskey: Tasting Notes

Instead of rye, Maker's Mark is crafted using delicate red winter wheat. The rotation of every barrel by hand preserves consistency and the bourbon is aged to taste rather than time. In comparison to rye-influenced whiskeys, the result is less pungent. Hold a glass in front of your nose. Spiced honey, sliced fruit, and citrus peel fill the air. Take a sip. On your tongue, barley malt, butterscotch, and vanilla bean will gradually flourish. Just wait a moment. The finish is medium in length, with a delicate caramel flavor and a hint of dry oak spice.

Maker’s Mark  Whiskey: One of America's Benchmark Spirits 

Maker's Mark Bourbon signature sweetness comes from properly sourced red winter wheat. Maker's Mark pairs well with sweet vermouth thanks to its diverse flavor profile. With a cherry, it makes a great Manhattan. Use a small number of bitters. It goes well with an Old Fashioned, especially if you use dark purple Bing cherries to muddle.

Bourbon and peaches, both as southern as sassafras, If you're feeling wild, bring them together with oranges. To an ounce of Orange juice, mix 1.5 ounces Makers with 3/4 ounce peach schnapps. Shake it up thoroughly before serving it up or on the rocks.

For your personalized bar Maker's Mark is a fantastic everyday bourbon or a special occasion sipper to pair with your best Scotch, Irish, and Japanese bottles. On Bottle Broz, you can get different types of  Maker's Mark Whisky which can be delivered to your door at a great price.

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