Monkey Shoulder Batch 27 Scotch Whiskey 750ml

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Monkey Shoulder Batch 27 Blended Scotch Whisky was created under the direction of malt master David Stewart. It was inspired by the company's inaugural batch, which consisted of 27 casks vatted together. The whisky is meticulously blended from a variety of barrels from Glenfiddich, Balvenie, and Kininvie, as well as a handful from other Speyside distilleries.


Monkey Shoulder Batch 27 - Tribute To The Conscientious

Monkey Shoulder Batch 27 is a blended scotch made by WM Grant, the same manufacturer of Glenfiddich and other well-known whiskies. Monkey Shoulder made its debut in 2005. It was designed exclusively for fans of sweet, peppery American whiskey. It's a combination of three Speyside single malts: Glenfiddich, Balvenie, and Kininvie, all aged in first-fill American oak barrels for added sweetness.

The name is derived from a repetitive strain injury suffered by distillery workers after years of scooping barley on the malting floor. This is emphasized by a fantastic-looking metal adornment representing three monkeys on the bottle's shoulder. The term Monkey Shoulder carries on as a heartfelt homage to the arduous work of all maltmen ancient and current.

Monkey Shoulder Whiskey - The Original Batch 27

Monkey Shoulder Batch 27 is a combination of Speyside's most outstanding single malt whiskies and combined to achieve a smoother, richer taste. It is rooted in Malt whiskey tradition and inspired by the malt men who still turn the malted barley by hand. There is no age declaration on the whisky.

Nose: somewhat sweet and flowery, with orange peel and ale flavors. Floral tones take center stage, with citrus, honey, and oak hints in the backdrop.

Mouth: paired with nougat, oranges, lemon peels, a malty core, and vanilla sweetness. More oak spice, minty herbs and sundry nuts, apple peelings, and gingery notes are all present.

Finish: brief, sweet, and gritty, with a hint of almonds and oranges.

Monkey Shoulder Batch 27 - Suitable For Vegetarians

With a neat shot or on the rocks, the silky smoothness of Monkey Shoulder whiskey flows down easily, offering smoky aromas with traces of vanilla that linger long after the first sip. The initial sip, followed by another, makes it unique. And then there was another. Monkey Shoulder makes that effect right away, like a quick fling.

Monkey Shoulder is a diverse mixer with intense smokiness and gentle vanilla undertones that match nicely with an unlimited number of cocktail combinations, from the traditional Old Fashioned to the contemporary Penicillin.

Remember that it states Batch 27, although it isn't distributed in separate batches; it only refers to the notion that the original formula was made up of 27 casks.

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