Patron Reposado 750ml

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Patron Reposado is excellent as a sipping tequila or as a key ingredient in a favorite cocktail. It makes an excellent ultra premium margarita. Patron uses American Oak, French Oak, and sometimes Custom-made hybrid Barrel. All these processes are to make sure you get the best flavor of Reposado.



Patron Reposado - Light Body of a Proper Reposado Tequila.

Silver tequila is the raw unaged tequila and Anejo is matured aged one. In the middle of silver and Anejo tequila, Reposado from Patron has the fresh flavors of silver tequila with hints of intense Anejo tequila. Aged in oak barrels for an average of six months. Patron tequila is made from 100% blue agaves grown in Jalisco, Mexico. Blue agave pinas are bigger and juicer compared to other kinds of agaves. The extracted juice is the desired product. After distillation, the silver tequila gets ready to be sealed in bottles, but for reposado, the tequila goes inside barrels for a two to twelve months time frame. Patron uses American Oak, French Oak, and sometimes Custom-made hybrid Barrel for a better outcome. All these processes are to make sure you get the best flavor of Reposado. Bottle Broz holds a very large collection of high-quality tequila. Patron Reposado has its place at the top of our high-quality tequila. Order online and enjoy our nationwide home delivery.

Patron tequila Price - Premium Quality Tequila Worthy of the Spends.

Patron started its journey in 1989 and from there they went on to perfect the tequila for the best experience. The traditional recipe and authentic process make Patron stand out. The price is higher than regular tequila but affordable when you want a good tequila. Buy the best value tequila at Bottle Broz and experience the Mexican Heritage for yourself. 

The nose of this premium quality reposado starts with citrusy tones and ripe agave with a hint of minerals. The palate follows the agave tune with spices of anise, cinnamon, and vanilla. Tasted nuts are also present in the corners with a peppery zing. The finish is proper with a touch of alcohol, vanilla, and black pepper. The Patron Tequila is an example of a proper tequila that has the proper blend of fresh clean taste of silver tequila and oaky spices from a good Anejo. 

Patron Tequila Reposado - Real and Natural Blending of Flavors in the Sweet Tequila.

Patron tequila makes a good sipper with the matured flavors and mellowed alcoholic finish. 

 It is aged and blended to incorporate the fresh clean taste of Patron Silver with a hint of the oak flavor found in Patron Anejo. The amazingly blended flavors are also great to be mixed into any cocktail. For a premium quality Margarita, mix the Patron Reposado and call it a day. Finding authentic Patron tequila should not be a hassle. That’s why Bottle Broz made the easy online ordering system and home delivery anywhere in the USA. Keeping the Patron in stock is the best way you can make your friends hang out more. Patron Reposado also makes a great gift option. Bottle Broz offers to add a customized note with each bottle. Order online now!!!

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