Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey 750ml

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Proper No. Twelve pays admiration to its inventor, Conor McGregor, and his Crumlin, Dublin 12 neighborhood. It reflects their core beliefs of brotherhood, commitment, and dedication. "It's a true Irish Whiskey," Conor explains, "and 12 is my hometown." An exhilarating ultra-smooth blended Irish Whiskey created from fine grain.


Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey - Homage To Irish Lineage

The Founder, Conor McGregor, was approached by several Irish whiskey producers over the years, but as a true born and bred Irishman, he refused to endorse an Irish whiskey merely. McGregor was driven by his admiration of Irish whiskey and wanted to produce his whiskey that would meet his standards and do his country proud, so he turned to a distillery with an established track record of delivering high-quality whiskey.

Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey is unique. Conor collaborated with David Elder, Proper Twelve's respected master distiller who previously worked for Guinness, and the two tasted over a hundred blends before settling on the final one.

 Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey - Recipe of Premium Whiskey

Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey combines sweet Irish grain spirit with single malt Irish whiskey. First, the best barley is soaked, germinated, and delicately dried in the open air. Next, The malted barley is grounded into a fine grind using a typical roller mill. Then, After mashing, the natural fermentation procedure generates a rinse (basic beer) with over 8% alcohol content. Next, copper pot stills are used in the classic triple distillation procedure to develop and fine-tune the desired flavor. The second distillation in a low wine still boosts the spirit's intensity. A third distillation in the spirit still results in more than 80% alcohol cut. This reveals the spirit's essence. Finally, the hand-picked, best, former bourbon barrels are used for aging the premium whiskey. 

Proper 12 Price - Perfect Present For Any Occasion

The whiskey has a lovely golden tone, reminiscent of autumn straw, with a subtle green tinge around the edges.

The fragrance is light and quite astringent, with honeysuckle and lime, and it's a little more acidic than I anticipated.

The initial flavor is light in taste and texture, with spiced apples and pears undertones. Midway through, the alcohol begins to show up in the mouth as texture, with notes of vanilla, honey-like sweetness, and toasted wood on the palate. However, the finish is only temporary. Enjoy it straight up, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. It's the ideal present.

Irish Whiskey is adored for its rich, smooth texture. Try other Irish Whiskies.

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