Skyy Vodka 750ml

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Skyy employs a revolutionary, exclusive quadruple distillation and triple filtering method to create one of the first vodkas made from American crops and water. Triple filtration extracts a zesty, spice-like aroma, resulting in an award-winning, smooth and crisp liquor that has remained unchanged for over 20 years.


Skyy Vodka - A Vodka Like No Other

Skyy Vodka was founded in 1992 in San Francisco, the city of development and diversity, by an innovator who dared to dream up a better way to brew Vodka. Maurice Kanbar's pioneering thought, which redefined Vodka as we know it, gave birth to Skyy Vodka. When Kanbar couldn't locate a vodka that satisfied his high requirements for a classic martini, he realized it was time to do what only a San Franciscan can do: disrupt the status quo. So Kanbar quadrupled-distilled the spirit using a patented technique that, to this day, gives one of the smoothest sipping experiences available, emulating his city's innovative ethos.

When most vodkas were sold in clear, Russian-style bottles, SKYY Vodka changed the game by introducing their signature azure blue bottle.

Skyy Vodka - Fresh Like The Ocean

By uniting its eponymous with the Pacific Ocean, SKYY Vodka pays homage to San Francisco. SKYY is now prepared with water that has been supplemented with Pacific minerals from the San Francisco Bay Area, which give a delicate salt and freshness to the drink. In addition, this water is combined with the most refined Midwest American grains and a cutting-edge manufacturing method.

Clear appearance.

Aroma: A light sweetness derived from corn.

Mouth: This vodka is delicately peppery and pleasantly sweet in equal measure, and it has a delicate, airy texture on the palate.

Finish: A pleasant pepperiness persists on the tongue, overpowering any remaining sweetness and creating a dry, crisp finish.

Skyy Vodka Price - A Perfect Companion For Your Cocktail

Skyy Vodka is a delicate, clear vodka with a gentle peppery warmth that's great in cocktails and pleasant enough to sip straight. Skyy is well-liked for its fruity, silky, and salty flavors.

Bloody Mary: Pour Skyy Vodka, lemon juice, and tomato juice into a highball glass with ice cubes, then add dashes of Worcestershire sauce, spicy sauce, and salt and pepper. Gently stir the ingredients together. Serve with celery stalks, lemon wedges, cherry tomatoes, and olives as garnish.

Dirty Martini: Strain into a chilled Martini cocktail glass after mixing Skyy Vodka and Olive Brine with ice. Serve with a Blue Cheese Stuffed Olive as a garnish.

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