Smirnoff Vodka 100 Proof 750ml

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Smirnoff Vodka 100 Proof - Made With Adherence

Smirnoff vodka 100 proof is the perfect addition to a cocktail party, whether served on the rocks or with soda and a twist. Our 100 proof vodka has a strong flavor and a dry finish for ultimate smoothness and clarity. The Smirnoff brand has traveled from Russia to the world since 1864, for the quality and smooth liquid. We, Bottle Broz delight in offering the well-known beverage to you, ensuring the continually superb taste and quality that the traditionally distilled vodka is known for. In addition, it's gluten-free and certified Kosher, and it's made with non-GMO grains.

100 Proof Vodka - The Smokey Sensation

The high alcohol content of the 100 proof vodka, triple distilled and ten times filtered, is immediately apparent, as is the corn utilized as a part of the base distillate. That is to say; the nose has a noticeable, albeit generally subtle, sweetness.

The 100 proof soon overwhelms the sweet cereal-grain notes and some oiliness on the mouth when served undiluted. The sweetness of the cereal-grain overtones is still present when diluted significantly, but it is considerably softer. The finish is cracker dry and lip-smacking, with a lingering hint of pepper.

Smirnoff Vodka 100 Proof  - Must For Your Party

Traditionally, 100 proof vodka can be consumed on its own or incorporated into your favorite cocktail. It's an attractive option for large parties and giant cocktails and punches because of its moderate price and high proof. We would be delighted if you tried some of our favorite cocktail recipes:

  • 100 Proof Mule: Combine Smirnoff 100 Proof Vodka, ginger beer, and juice of two lime wedges in a copper mule mug. Stir to combine and garnish with a lime wedge.
  • 100 Proof Wasabi Bloody Mary: Combine Smirnoff 100 Proof Vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, pepper, and wasabi to a tall glass with ice. Stir well until the wasabi paste has fully dissolved. Garnish with a lemon wedge.
  • Smirnoff Cosmopolitan: Add Ice and Smirnoff Vodka to a shaker, add triple sec, lime juice, cranberry juice, and shake vigorously. Strain into glass. Serve in a Martini Glass.

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