Tennessee Legend Peach Moonshine 750ml

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Tennessee is known for its moonshine. And, The icing on the cake is Peach Moonshine. The flavor is consistent and pleasant without added sugar, unlike most other moonshine distillers. Easy to Drink. Pleasant. Enjoyable. This is a limited-edition item.

Peach Moonshine - Peachy With Vanilla Tone

Tenessee Legend's peach moonshine is a one-of-a-kind limited edition. Peach moonshine is made with expertise. A lovely blend of whiskey and sweet peach with a hint of vanilla. It's free of gluten. During the distillation process, gluten is eliminated. There is always the risk that someone with an extreme gluten allergy will be sensitive to moonshine because it contains the tiniest bit of gluten. Still, it meets the FDA regulations typically to be labeled Gluten Free.

Bottle Broz is thrilled to present you with this delightful liqueur. So enjoy your vacation and drink sensibly.

Peach Moonshine - Summertime Favorite

Peach Moonshine is flavorful neutral grain alcohol. With a vanilla finish, it's a subtle blend of whiskey and luscious peach. You'll swear you can feel the fuzz thanks to a rich scent of pure peaches, on the nose, a sweet fruity smell. Wild, sweet peach nectar with a powerful bite and balance on the tongue, finishing smooth and delicious. With this delicious, smooth, and delightful moonshine, summer will be here for a long time. Don't be fooled, however. Simply put, it's a powerful peachy punch.

Tennessee Legend - Art of a True Legend

One of Tennessee's most famous storytellers is Tennessee legend. One of their finest spirits is peachy moonshine. It's peachy with a smokey finish and a dash of vanilla.

When served neat or on the rocks, it's silky smooth. However, the peachy flavor adds a new perspective to any beverage that calls for moonshine. Here's how to make our favorite peach moonshine cocktail.

Peach Smash: 2 oz Peach Moonshine, 1 ounce Curaçao, two peach slices, three lemon wedges, 4 or 5 mint leaves, 2 oz Peach Moonshine, 1 oz Curaçao, two peach slices, three lemon wedges It's best served cold.

With Lemonade: a glass of Lemonade, more than any other beverage, screams summer. The force of moonshine and the sweetness of Lemonade are a match made in heaven, just like the sun and tan lines. Combine equal parts moonshine and Lemonade in a pitcher and serve at your next summer barbecue for an easy one-two knockout punch.

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