WhistlePig Double Malt 18 Year Old Rye Whiskey 3rd Edition 750ml

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WhistlePig Double Malt Rye is our oldest Rye, patiently mellowed for 18 years. Before industrial distillation, America’s original farmers would malt a small portion of their grain to start fermentation, the essential step that turns water and rye into glorious whiskey. As a nod to the farmers, Double Malt Rye is crafted from a mash bill of Rye, Malted Rye, and Malted Barley. History aside, these grains unite in a show-stopping Rye Whiskey that stretches far and wide across the flavor spectrum. Its base of 79% Rye delivers bold, peppery spice, while 15% Malted Rye adds soft, floral, and earthy character. A final 6% of malted barley brings rich, sweet, toasted notes. At once bold, complex, delicate, and elegant, WhistlePig 18 is the whiskey that your most memorable toasts require, and a gem on any bar.

Each annual edition of our Double Malt Rye is crowned with a bespoke glass topper, handmade in Vermont. Certified Kosher.

WhistlePig 18 Year - Taste the Oldest Rye at Best Price

WhistlePig Double Malt Rye is the company's oldest rye, meticulously aged for 18 years. Before the invention of modern distillation, America's first farmers would malt a little bit of their grain to begin the fermentation process, which transforms water and rye into delicious whiskey. It's made up of 79 percent Rye, 15% Malted Rye, and 6% malted barley as a homage to the farmers.

Searching WhistlePig 18 years at a reasonable price? Try Bottle Broz.

WhistlePig Double Malt 18 - The Show-Stopping Rye Whiskey

The perfume of crisp red apple is the first note you'll notice right away. Lemongrass is just behind it, followed by a sprig of thyme. The middle is rich with French vanilla. The higher the ABV, the more the nostrils sing. But, overall, it's light and well-balanced.

Despite being served hot from the proof, it has a delicate and creamy smoothness. The baking spice characteristic in rye whiskies is only present near the end of the drink. The baking spice profile expands with a bit of Sharpie and becomes phenolic as the dram heats up from your hand in the glass.

The Double Malt Rye is capped with a handcrafted glass topper made in Vermont for each annual release. One of the exciting things about Bottle Broz is that WhistlePeg whiskey price is reasonable here.

Where to Buy WhistlePig 18 Years at Low Price?

Bottle Broz goes to great lengths to give the best alcohol available anywhere in the United States. We have WhistlePig, as well as other rye, on the stock. A customized gift card is one of the alternatives we provide. In addition, we make significant efforts to make sure your product is appropriately wrapped and delivered on time. The bottles are packed in sturdy containers with layers of foam padding for safety. At Bottle Broz, WhistlePig's 18-year price is quite reasonable here. 

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