Woodford Reserve Batch Proof 119.8 750ml

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This small-batch Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey produced by Woodford Reserve distillery was bought for you for a premium taste. The story of Woodford Reserve is the story of Perfection, the history, the distillery, and the making of super exquisite bourbons. It should be our great privilege to be a part of their story and taste Woodford Reserve Batch Proof 119.8.


Woodford Reserve Batch Proof 119.8 - Celebration of Authenticity


Batch Proof is a homage to Woodford Reserve's unique method of mixing barrels into a batch and then bottling the whiskey at its exact proof, straight from the barrel. Woodford Reserve Bourbon's grain bill and procedure are used to make Batch Proof. Batch Proof, on the other hand, elevates Woodford Reserve's signature flavor profile of sweet vanilla and toasted oak to a whole new level, allowing customers to experience the brand in its purest form. Woodford Reserve Batch Proof is one of the best bourbon whiskey in this batch-proof collection. 

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Woodford Reserve Bourbon  - Trademark Vanilla Sweet Meet Barrel Spice


A sip of whiskey may truly improve your spirits after a long day. If it's Woodford Reserve Batch Proof 119.8, it's even amazing. It is bottled at 59.9% ABV. On the nose, there's caramel, vanilla, and dark fruit. A lovely finish. The entry is opulent and ruthless. Butterscotch, vanilla, cherry, and burned brown sugar on the front palate, but it rapidly transitions to barrel spice, with a hint of wood and cigar box on the back. On the long finish, cinnamon, orange peel, oak, and white pepper are sprinkled on white chocolate. It's delicious.

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Woodford Reserve  - A Rare Bourbon Whiskey


What is better than a savory, unique bourbon whiskey for celebration or just a gettogether? Woodford Reserve Batch Proof 119.8 would be a valuable addition to your life. Its butterscotch, vanilla, cherry, and caramelized brown sugar flavors, together with a dash of barrel spice, are destined to enhance your day. It's preferable to keep Woodford Reserve Bourbon clean or on the rocks. Its scent will revitalize you. It can even be used in cocktails. People prefer to drink it neat because it is so rare.

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