10 Home Bar Essentials Liquors Everyone Should Have

A liquor bar for home is something that every adult house should have. Even if you don't drink, you may want to have something to give guests, and a home bar can bring an unexpected decor aspect to any area. Whether you're just starting to prepare cocktails and appreciate spirits, or you've been mixing for years, discover how to create a place that includes all the necessary tools and is also beautiful and stimulates you to try new things.

Find out where and how to set up your bar first, and learn about all the must-have items, such as bitters, bar tools, spirits, glassware, mixers, and garnishes.

How to Decor a Liquor Bar For Home?

Whether you have space for a single tray or a full built-in wet bar, these home bar ideas prove that becoming your bartender isn't as difficult as it may appear.

The Bar Cart: If you have the space, bar carts are a fantastic dedicated place for mixing a drink, and they're pleasant enough that people feel at ease strolling up and preparing their own. Of course, if your bar cart is open, keep everything nicely organized. You might even want to keep your less regularly used items in a pantry to keep things from looking too cluttered or messy.

The Console Table: Place a tray on top of any console table, sideboard, or credenza to transform it into a bar. Keep your bottles, decanters, bitters, glasses on top of the table, and your essential bar items in a nearby drawer or vessel. If you need to store a lot of bartending gear, this is a beautiful alternative. To keep your console valuable and appealing, provide an area for lamps and minor décor items.

home bar essentials

The Subtle Tray: The surface of any bookcase or bookshelf, like a console table, can be readily turned into a bar. Organize it according to a category, with spirits on one shelf, glasses on another, etc. If you don't have a whole bookcase to devote to your spirits, place a tray on top of a smaller piece of furniture. 

The Built-in Wet Bar: Do you have a proper wet bar (a bar with a sink) in your home? Then, you'll have no excuse to hone your mixology abilities. In addition to all other bar necessities, keep a bar towel on hand and a small trash can under the sink if you're washing glasses or using fresh ingredients. This type of arrangement is likely to impress.

Home Bar Essentials - 10 Must Have Tools

It's a lot of fun to be a home mixologist. When partying, it's also desirable to be the person who can whip up outstanding cocktails. However, in order to accomplish so, you must have the proper tools for the job. Here is a list of ten must-have home bar essentials.

Jiggers: Jiggers are available in various shapes, sizes, and volumes. However, you only need two – a 1 oz. x 2 oz. and a 1/2 oz. x 3/4 oz. You don't have to spend a lot of money on them.

Julep Strainer: The strainer used for stirred beverages is a julep strainer. Again, you could pay more than $20 for a gold-plated version, but this isn't essential. Any less expensive variant will perform the same function.

Hawthorne Strainer: You'll need a Hawthorne Strainer for your shaken cocktails. It's made to fit snugly over a shaker tin and works best with a fine-mesh strainer.

home bar essentials

Bar spoon: Look for a bar spoon at least 10 inches long so your hand has enough area to stir in a tall mixing glass or highball. Ideally, the material should be a non-reactive metal that can be utilized with acidic materials such as citrus and will not absorb flavors or aromas.

Mixing Glass: Choose a mixing glass with a broad and hefty base to prevent it from tipping over. It must also have a wide mouth to provide more working space and less splash when pouring ingredients over ice. Straight walls are required for a smooth and quick stir with a bar spoon.

Mesh Strainer: Make sure the wire mesh is high quality – seek "304 stainless steel" rather than "201." The 304 version has a more significant amount of chromium, making it stronger and less prone to rust.

Shaker Tin: Shaker tin appears to be insignificant. However, it is required for shaking cocktails. It is available singly or in a set with a mixing glass known as a Boston Shaker.

Pint Glass: To be used in conjunction with a shaker tin, you most likely already have a collection of these in your cabinet. Though many bartenders use a smaller metal shaker container, I like a pint glass so I can see the drink while I'm making it.

Muddler: One piece of advice for muddled fruit or herbs: don't smash it so much that it breaks apart. The aim is to merely release some of the juice so that you can extract the essence of whatever you're mucking around with.

Citrus Peeler: The peeler is required for garnishing the cocktails. In the case of peelers, the ideal one strikes a balance between being inexpensive and razor-sharp.

Home Bar Essentials - 10 Must Have Glassware

What would a liquor bar for home be complete without the proper glasses? That's why we've compiled a list of home bar staples you should add to your collection so you'll have them on hand for any occasion.

The old-fashioned double glass is ideal for concocting beverages within the glass. This means combining the components without using a cocktail shaker or mixing glass.

This stemware is known by many different names, including Collins, Delmonico, and Highball. Each glass has a slightly varied capacity, but they all share the "chimney shape." It's ideal for drinks that call for a lot of ice.

A coupe glass is a stemmed champagne glass with a shallow bowl used to hold sparkling wine and other beverages. It can transform into a tower and a serving vessel.

home bar essentials

The handle of a high-quality copper mug is an excellent sign of its quality. Check that the copper mug has welded joints rather than rivet joints. Rivet joints are a breeding environment for bacteria and are prone to breaking. Welded joints are stronger. A high-quality copper mug should be treated with food-grade lacquer to prevent tarnish.

A flute glass is one of the most well-known and well-liked types of stemware. These glasses are delicate and work best with drinks with a strong scent.

A pilsner is a type of pale lager that takes its name from the Czech town of Pilsen. Pilsner glasses are typically used for light beers such as pale lager and Pilsen. It can be used for various reasons, including serving several of your cocktails and mocktails. 

A pitcher is significant because it is used to pour drinks into glasses. A pitcher can also drink anything in one swallow or make large batches of cocktails. If you frequently host parties and beer nights, it should be included in your home bar glass collection.

Shot glasses are used for drinks that are consumed all at once. For example, they are typically used for vodka and other harsh beverages. A standard single shot is 1.5 US fl oz or 44 ml in size, so it's also used to measure liquor.

You've probably seen a single rocks glass used to serve whiskey. Though they come in various sizes, the most popular is 8-10 oz. Unfortunately, these cups contain the most time-consuming drinks and take a long time to gulp down.

Home Whiskey Bar - Other Liquors to Complete The Harmony

A liquor bar for the home should have at least one bottle of each of the six base liquors, which serve as the foundation for most cocktails. Having a good assortment of these on hand will allow you to make practically any cocktail on the spur of the moment.

Vodka has a clean, transparent flavor and is used in more drinks than any other distilled alcohol. However, some people prefer vodka more than others, so stock up on what you like.

Gin isn't for everyone. However, having at least one bottle in each bar is preferable. At the very least, a decent bottle of London dry gin is recommended. This is the most adaptable and may be used in anything from a dry martini to a gin and tonic.

Tequila is essential to margaritas, but many more intriguing tequila cocktails are to try. In general, you should keep at least one good tequila on hand.

A well-stocked bar has at least two bottles of Rum. You can spend as little or as much as you want; however, Rum is one of the more economical liquors. For most cocktails, a mild rum will be your workhorse, from the daiquiri to the mojito.

Things get complicated when it comes to Whiskey because each style has its qualities and applications. This category will undoubtedly be tailored to your preferences. Two bottles are sufficient to begin, and you may always add more. A bar should have one bottle of each style.

A bottle of Brandy completes a well-stocked bar, but it isn't required. Some individuals will not drink or combine with it, but brandy will come in handy if you want to experiment with classic cocktails.

Garnishes to Accentuate Your Liquor Bar For Home

The following home bar essentials are Garnishes, the finishing touch that provides visual appeal and a splash of taste to cocktails. Of course, in reality, you're unlikely to garnish every drink. Squeezing a lime wedge into a gin and tonic or sprinkling an orange peel over your martinis, on the other hand, can elevate your cocktails from ordinary to extraordinary.

Garnishes to Accentuate Your Liquor Bar For Home

The three citrus fruits, lemon, lime, and oranges, are the most commonly used garnishes, whether as twists, wheels, or wedges. Keep a few of each on hand as a garnish and a supply of fresh juice. Others are -

Olives: A conventional dry martini garnish must include olives.

Cocktail onions: An excellent substitute for olives and the secret to converting your martini into a Gibson.

Mint: Fresh mint is a must if you're making mojitos or mint juleps, and it's a simple herb to cultivate in a kitchen garden.

Coarse Salt and Granulated Sugar: These provide a sweet or salty rim to your glass for beverages like the margarita.

Cinnamon: A single cinnamon stick provides an exquisite flavor to hot beverages.

Grated Nutmeg: An excellent addition to many winter and creamy cocktails.

Celery or Pickles: The classic garnishes for a lovely bloody mary.

Whipped Cream: A dollop on top of sweet dessert cocktails is a beautiful finishing touch. The canned whipped topping variety is particularly convenient.

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