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Buy Hendricks Gin Online - Buying Guide of Hendrick's Gin at Low Price

The famous botanical drink gin has been always a great option for alcoholic beverages. Hendrick’s has given that regular taste a new kick with its unique infusion of cucumber and roses. There are also other natural botanic ingredients as well. The lighter profile is great with tonic water and serves the pleasure of a great drink option.  Bottle Broz can deliver your favorite Hendrick’s bottle when you order online. With the aroma of natural ingredients, Hendrick’s gin is a great option for cocktails and gin tonics. Shop for yourself or send Hendrick's Gin as a gift with a personal note.

Hendricks Gin 750ml - Story of A Medicine to Become A Famous Gin

William Grant & Sons introduced Hendrick's Gin in 1999, back when gin wasn't the broad, booming market it is now. The apothecary-type bottle, a clear nod to gin's forefathers, conjures Genevers and a time when gin was a medication. The Edwardian era advertising effort established the brand as a household name in both bars and households. The alcohol content by volume ranges from 44 to 41.4 percent (depending on the market). The Proof (US) ranges from 88.0 to 82.6. Juniper, cucumber, and rose flavors abound in this clear liquor.

Where is Hendricks Gin made?

Hendrick's Gin is a Scottish Liquor. It is brewed at Girvan, South Ayrshire, Scotland. The distillery is only a mile inland and overlooks Ailsa Craig, a strange volcanic island. Hendrick's is the result of the union of two different spirits from two unique stills. The Bennett and Carter-Head stills work together to create an unusually smooth gin with the appropriate personality and harmony of subtle flavors.

Hendricks Gin Flavors - The Scent of Botanics

There's juniper and a smoky touch of rose on the scent, as well as sweet citrus, lime zest, and a glimmer of elderflower.

The flavor is reminiscent of a typical gin. Angelica, coriander, juniper, and orris root are all present in this scent. Furthermore, Hendrick's contains an unexpected quantity of citrus, especially on the mid-palate, where orange and lime resurface, almost candy-like. A smidgeon of salty licorice flavor and black pepper hit the back palate.

With aromas of soaked rose petal, lime, and Persian cucumbers, Hendrick's Gin has a lingering finish with a juniper-driven tartness.

Hendricks Gin Cocktails

Instead of citrus, Hendrick's recommended serving the gin with tonic water over ice and adorned with cucumber. Lesley Gracie, Master Distiller of Hendrick's Gin, proposes mixing the gin with soda water and elderflower cordial as an alternative serve.


The Campari's sharpness intensifies the gin's harshness on its own while the juniper takes center stage.

Hendrick's Dirty Martini

If you combine olive brine with gin, you'll be surprised at how effectively the juniper, citrus, and cucumber notes complement each other.

Gordons Cup

Floral gin is combined with cucumber, vivid lime juice, a pinch of salt and pepper, and a splash of simple syrup in this sour and salty cocktail.

Ruby Ruby

This take on a classic Vesper martini—James Bond's drink—is robust, rich, and slightly fruity, with a savory taste from mole bitters.

Hendricks gin Price

Although Hendrick's is known for being a quality and elegant gin, it isn't always found on the top shelf. Despite its opulent appearance, Hendrick's is a popular gin in many bars. It's the ideal combination of high-quality gin and a budget-friendly gin. However, it usually sits in the middle of the shelf because it's used more frequently than some of the most opulent and expensive gins.

This, of course, depends on the pub you visit. Because they mainly serve cheaper gins, some establishments have Hendrick's at the top of the shelf. However, a bottle of Hendrick's can be found on the bottom shelf of some higher-end bars. So Hendrick's bottle will, on average, be in the middle!




Price Range

Hendricks Gin

750 ml


$27.99 – $40



$49.99 – $52.99

1.75 L


$54.99 – $57.99

Hendricks Orbium 



$55.99 - $58.99

Hendricks Lunar




Midsummer Solstice



Starts around at $47

Where can I Buy Hendricks Gin?

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