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Buy Rum Online - Buying & Drinking Guide for Rum

Sailors or should I say the ‘pirates drink’ Rum has been favorite for its sweet and rich spicy flavors. Mix it with whiskey or turn it into your favorite cocktail by mixing any juice Rum is there to provide you the Caribbean warmth.  Bottle Broz has the variety you are looking for all your life. Order online and top branded Rum will be delivered to your doorstep whenever you want from wherever you want in the USA. Don’t forget rum helps you reduce cholesterol and provides the sweetness you fancy. Shop for yourself or send Rum as a gift with a personal note. 

What is Dark Rum?

Sipping on a good rum is the best filling for vacations. Buy rum online and bring the vacation to your house. Dark rum is the rum that gains the dark coloring from the molasses of the sugarcane juice. When the caramelized sugar is taken out of the juice, the caramel color leaves on. After the distillation, the color gets darker and delivers the dark rum. The flavors of dark rum are complex and filled with character. Sipping the dark rum neat is the best way to go. Bottle Broz has the best collection of dark rum, so you can choose the one you like from the comfort of your home. Order now and get the nationwide home delivery. 

What is Rum Made of?

The best way to feel good about your stressed day is by sipping rum and thinking about your next vacation. Rum is the sweet liquor made from the molasses of sugarcane juice or direct sugarcane juice. After separating the crystal sugars from the juice, the leftover is the molasses. The molasses is fermented using airborne yeast or pre-strained yeast. The yeast produced naturally turns the sugar into alcohol. The industry uses pre-stained yeast so they can control the production of final rum. The fermented juice is later distilled at the distilleries. The raw rum is then put into wooden barrels left foraging to reach the color and richness you like. The flavors mostly depend on the kind of soil and climate sugarcanes were produced. Even if the fermentation and distillation process is the same, two rums coming from two different sugarcane products will not taste the same. Find the best rum at the exclusive collection at Bottle Broz and enjoy a Caribbean night the way you like.

How to Drink Rum?

Rum is one of the most famous Caribbean liquor with sweet rich flavors, rum is known for its place in fruity cocktails. Sipping rum neatly is a good way of appreciating the sting flavors but the mix into a good fruity cocktail is even better. Drink rum mixed with tropical fruity juices and enjoy the best vacation drinks. That is why rum is very popular in Caribbean destinations. The sweetness opens up with a touch of tropical fruits and you nowhere to go except enjoy the bomb of flavors. Enjoy rum cocktails any day at your confront as you place your online order at Bottle Broz.

What to Mix with Rum?

The first will be sipping the rum neat without mixing it, so you get the full taste of its delicacy. But if you want to take down the kick of the richness you might add some other things and here is a list of those.

  • Splash of water and ice:  The water will slightly turn down the strong alcoholic kick, also water is always good after you drink alcohol. 
  • Tonic water:  Tonic water turns the rum into a refreshing beverage. Add the tonic water and garnish it with some flavors. 
  • Soda:  The same as tonic water soda will help you create fresh vacation flavors into your glass. 
  • Orange juice or lime juice Crush some flavorful mint and sugar, add the orange juice, and finally the rum. You have a classy refreshing cocktail. 
  • Cranberry juice:  Sweet-sour flavor of cranberry juice will turn the rum into a delightful treat and you will enjoy one of the easiest but tasty cocktails in your mouth. 
  • Coconut water:  What's better than water? Coconut water. The perfect careb=ean vacation flavors blended together. This can't get better!!!!

Why Buy Rum from Bottle Broz?

What makes Bottle Broz the best place to buy Rum? Bottle Broz's collection comprises the best  & Rare Rum in the country. A customized gift card is one option that we offer. Place your order with Bottle Broz online, and we'll take care of the rest. We go to great lengths to ensure that your order is appropriately wrapped and delivered safely. The bottles are transported in sturdy cartons with layers of foam padding for protection. So relax while we bring them to your home anywhere in the USA.