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Rye whiskey is one of the most popular American Whiskey, Made from at least 51% rye grain the whiskey also has its own health benefits. Single malt or double,  Bottle Broz has the one you are looking for. No more rushed drives or stop to make with your busy schedule. Just visit our collection online and buy rye whiskey online anytime anywhere in the USA. Unlike other sweet grains, Rye gives out a strong spicy flavor. If you want a better flavor in your favorite whisky cocktail order Rye Whiskey right now! Shop for yourself or send Rye Whiskey as a gift with a personal note.

Buy Rye Whiskey Online - Buying and Drinking Guide for Rye Whiskey

Buy Rye Whiskey online at Bottle Broz from anywhere in the USA. Ordering online is the easiest way to get a hold of your favorite Rye Whisky bottle. Bottle Broz holds a large collection of the most authentic rye whiskey available in the USA. If you already know all about rye whisky then don’t waste your time finding your bottle and order online. Well, if you are new here and want to know all there is to know about rye whiskey, we have the ultimate buying and drinking guide for rye whiskey. Read about all the best brands and the best ways to drink rye whisky and then decide which one you should get. No more rushed drives or stops to make with your busy schedule. With a few clicks, you can get the bottle delivered to your doorsteps anywhere in the USA. 

What is Rye Whiskey?

Rye whiskey is simply one kind of whiskey that is made from rye grains. That’s one way to describe it. The detailed description is a little different. There are two kinds of Rye Whisky available in the market. Although they both are known by the same name, the history is a little different. 

Simple Rye Whisky is the kind of whisky made in America using at least 51% of rye grains. As bourbon uses 51% corn mash the American Rye whisky uses 51% Rye mash. These whiskeys are simply known as Rye Whisky. After fermentation, the fresh whiskeys are kept inside American oak barrels for aging. The aging has to be longer than 3 years. Different distilleries use different aging methods making each bottle unique and full of flavors. 

Now the other kind is Canadian Whiskey. Yes, historically Canadian whisky is known as rye whisky. There is no specific percentage of rye grain to be used in the production, Canadian whiskeys are just simply known as rye whisky. So keep your eyes open when you are getting the rye whisky, pay attention to where it is produced. In this list, we will mainly focus on American-style Rye Whisky. For more information on Canadian Whiskeys

Rye Whiskey Drinks.

Rye whiskey began its journey in the states as early as 1700. From northern states such as Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Maryland rye whisky became popular and the popularity is going upwards. Rye whisky made from 51% rye grains tends to be spicy and fruity. Opposing the sweet flavors of bourbon, that is the main difference between bourbon and rye whisky produced in the USA. Rye grains are known to have an aggressive peppery bite and savory palate. When the 51% rye blends with other grains it produces a spicy savory mouth-watering whisky that creates a great experience. Here are some of the best ways to consume rye whisky. 


Yes, the best way to appreciate a good whisky is sipping neatly. Even if you like your whisky another way you have to drink it neat to get the full experience. Room temperature is the perfect temperature for a rye whiskey. Using a classic whisky glass and enjoying the spicy and savory nose will be the beginning of an amazing experience. With the first sip, the whisky will show how such complex flavors are blended together. Find a well-aged rye whisky to sip neatly, that way you will understand what to expect from other bottles. Michter's Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey is a perfect well-aged rye whisky to drink neat. 

On Ice

Well, warm whisky may be a little harsh for you, so put some ice cubes before you pour the rye whisky on your glass. Make sure the cubes are made with spring water and don’t have any added flavors. The cold will make the spicy rye whisky a little mild and will be easier to enjoy the flavors. Try Willett Family Estate Bottled 4 Year Rye Whiskey on ice and explore its cherry notes with hints of oak, vanilla, and tons of spices. 


For any party, any celebration, or night out cocktails are musts. Name any whisky cocktails such as old fashion, whisky sour, Manhattan all are originally made with rye whisky. The spicy savory and oak tones make the cocktails more colorful and loud. The ones that are not aged very long are best to mix into cocktails. Basil Hayden's Rye Whiskey can be perfect for your cocktails. There are some classic rye whisky cocktails recipes below.


How to Make a Rye Whiskey Cocktail.

Whisky cocktails are popular among all drinkers. Any party or drinking solo a spicy rye whisky cocktail can bring so much fun into it. Here is some cocktails recipe that is made classically with rye whisky and our suggestion of a perfect rye whisky bottle. 

Old Fashioned

The classic old-fashioned is popular among the newbie and the expert. The main ingredient for a good old-fashioned is whiskey and if you like history class Rye whisky was the first kind to be used in rye whisky. So get your rye whiskey out and prepare the classic Old Fashioned. Start with a sugar cube in an old-fashioned glass and saturate with bitter and add little water. Add ice into the mix and pour the rye whisky into it. Garnish with an orange slice or cocktail cherry and your cocktail is ready. Add the Willett Family Estate Bottled 4 Year Rye Whiskey for a spicy and oaky texture. 


Another great creation using good rye whiskey is Manhattan. USing sweet vermouth and bitter any rye whiskey can deliver the perfect cocktail the Manhattan. ¾ oz of sweet vermouth mixed with bitter, 2 oz of whisky, and stirred over ice. Pour into your favorite cocktail glass and you are ready to call it a day. Maybe use the Knob Creek Straight Rye Whiskey for spicy and smooth flavors of a proper rye whisky.

Whiskey Sour

Talking about classics, whisky sour is known worldwide. With Savory lemon tang and sugary sweet whisky sour is remarkable. Add three parts of rye whisky with one part of lemon juice and one part of sugar or other sweet syrup. Adding a dash of the white egg will make the drink foamy and creamy. Shake the mix and serve on a cobbler or old-fashioned glass. Voila!! Sip and enjoy the evening. Basil Hayden's Aged 10 Years Rye Whiskey can be a great choice for whisky sour cocktails.


How Can I Buy Rye Whiskey Online?

Bottle Broz holds a huge collection of all the authentic liquors and whiskies available in the USA.  Made in states the rye whiskey is a remarkable name for whisky lovers. Bottle Broz not only sells rye whisky online but also has such descriptions you can gather all information you need to know about rye whiskey.   Here is step by step how you can order rye whiskey online at Bottle Broz so you don’t have to get into the hassle of finding a liquor store and then finding the right bottle. From the Bottle Broz website search for rye whisky and the page will present the best ones for you. Read each product's description and decide if you would want to experience the flavors. Once you decide select the add to cart option and when ready go for checkout. Here we will need the delivery address and payment information. Could it be any easier?? Now sit at home and wait for the delivery!!! Trust me once you order rye whisky online, you won’t be back to our old-school method of buying whiskey.