Crown Royal Apple Whiskey 750ml

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Canadian Whiskey balanced with Apple flavor crisp results in excellency. Infused with Apple Flavors & Regal Gala Apples. These are Hand-selected Whiskies selected by our master blenders to serve you an extraordinary smooth taste.



Crown Royal Regal Apple Whisky - Apple Flavored Paradise with A Hint of Spice


Crown Royal Blended Canadian Whiskey was first manufactured in 1939 as a gift for the reigning Monarch of Britain. Crown Royal has introduced a new edition of Crown Royal Whiskey, Crown Royal Apple to carry on the history of this legendary spirit. It's an undeniably delicious whisky, brimming with regal gala apple flavor and Crown Royal's trademark smoothness. This 70 proof whiskey has a crisp, sophisticated flavor. It is bottled with 35% ABV. 

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Crown Royal Apple - Canadian whisky with Fresh Apple Aromas

Apple Whiskey, Crown Royal's second flavored whisky, debuted in 2014; it's now one of four flavored expressions in the Crown Royal line, and it's flavored with Regal Gala apples. Every drop is made with resilient organic components that were designed to withstand the harsh Canadian climate, where temperatures as low as -30°F are frequent. These hearty components are delicately blended with the silky-smooth water filtered naturally through the limestone beneath Lake Winnipeg. Crown Royal's trademark smoothness is achieved by delicately blending fifty of the best whiskies. Our distinctive CROWN ROYAL Hand Selected Barrel Canadian Whisky is at the heart of this remarkable mix. It's still distilled in the Coffey Still, named for its inventor, Aeneas Coffey, which is the only one of its sort in North America.


Apple Whiskey For Your Sweet Tooth


This is an excellent introduction to unadulterated full-proof whisky for those who are new to it. It's easy to drink thanks to the sugar and taste, and the low proof won't put a newbie off. It has an aroma blend of rich apple with signature Crown Royal and a beautiful hint of spice. It will swipe your feet off with its slightly tart, crisp, apple flavor balanced with signature Crown Royal notes of caramel and light spice, which will lead to a full-bodied smooth finish with crisp apple, balanced sweet notes. It can be a little too sweet for whiskey lovers, but a cocktail with Crown Royal Apple is what you’ll cherish. It is great for any cocktail that asks for whiskey, and its apple flavor will add an incredible kick to the mix.

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