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Want more flavorful whiskey for the night? Canadian Whiskey is known for its flavorful creations and is a popular choice worldwide. A large percentage of corn and rye mixed in the multigrain whiskey-making process gives out the smoother and lighter option to your whiskey choices.  Bottle Broz serves nationwide home delivery for your online Canadian whiskey orders. Visit the site and buy Canadian whiskey online from the comfort of your home. Canadian Whiskey ensures the well-aged flavorful taste created in Canada for your pleasure. Cocktails made using Canadian Whisky are very popular at every bar. Shop for yourself or send Canadian Whiskey as a gift with a personal note.


Buy Best Canadian Whiskey - Buying and Drinking Guide for Canadian Whiskey

Buy Canadian Whiskey online from Bottle Broz from anywhere in the USA. It is one of the most flavorful options when it comes to choosing a different option in the whisky market. A large percentage of corn and rye mixed in the multigrain whiskey-making process gives out the smoother and lighter option to your whiskey choices. . Canadian Whiskey ensures the well-aged flavorful taste created in Canada for your pleasure. Cocktails made using Canadian Whisky are very popular at every bar. As you are trying to understand Canadian Whisky by yourself, to make that process easier we made a Buying and drinking guide for Canadian whiskey. Let’s get into it!!

What is Canadian Whiskey

As Scotch and Irish whiskey, Canadian whisky is also one native-style whiskey from Canada. With the multi-grain mash base that is dominated by rye and corn grains. There’s also a good amount of wheat grain used in the production. The amount of the grains is not fixed; it's for American whiskies or bourbons. Some might get confused when the term Rye whiskey is used because Canadian whiskey is also known as the Rye Whiskey. American Rye whiskey uses at least 51% rye mash but there’s no fixed percentage for Canadian Whiskey. As rye and corn are mostly used grain, Canadian Whiskey got the name Rye as well. The blend is sweeter compared to other whisky and smoothes with amazing flavors. Another difference Canadian whisky has is, it is aged for at least three years inside different oak barrels. Lots of used oak barrels and charred oak barrels are used in the production of Canadian Whisky, Where Bourbon uses new oak barrels. Enjoy the delicacy from the beautiful country of Canada at your own comfort by ordering online at Bottle Broz.

How to Drink Canadian Whiskey

Canadian Whisky is a native Canadian product that follows industry standards. Including aging in used or charred oak barrels for at least three years. Known for its smooth and amazing flavors Canadian whiskies are great to mix in any cocktail. The sweetness of vanilla just blends perfectly into any cocktail. Some of the specific and premium collections are great to sip on neatly just like a classic whiskey. Rare Perfection 14 Years Old Canadian Whiskey is an amazing Canadian whiskey to sip neatly. Dominating flavors of vanilla and caramel are often accompanied by rye spices and oak barrel-developed texture. Enjoy this delicacy at your own comfort by ordering online at Bottle Broz.


Best Canadian Whiskeys

Canadian Whiskey has a history of 200 years and a lot has changed within this long run. Now Canadian whiskies have a good reputation and a huge market. If you are a beginner and want to explore the Canadian Whiskey options here we have made an easy list of good Canadian Whiskeys available in the USA.

Canadian Club Aged 12 Years Canadian Whiskey

The industry standard for a Canadian Whiskey is 3 years, where This Canadian Club aged 12 Years is aged as the name suggests, for 12 years. The complex balance of flavors is represented with amazing characters. Ideal to sip neatly or on the ice.

Lock Stock & Barrel 18 Year Old Rye Whiskey

The 18 years aged classic rye whiskey from Canada is remarkable and flavorful. With a deep spicy background, this one has amazing notes of caramel, cocoa, and dried fruits. Aged inside used American oak barrels Lock Stock and Barrel 18 Years Old Rye Whiskey is a premium quality Canadian Rye Whiskey.

Pendleton Canadian Whiskey

This one is filled with such amazing flavors but in a very affordable price range. Pendleton Canadian uses Glacier spring water from Oregon’s highest peak. The palate is slightly sweet and mild with a bit of spice, making this an excellent Canadian whisky to use in a Manhattan cocktail. The pepper and fruit notes will also complement any sweet vermouth you go with.

Crown Royal XO Canadian Whiskey

Crown Royal is the most known Canadian Whiskey brand and its XO version is a collection of rare whisky and finished in used cognac casks. Crown Royal XO Canadian Whisky is deliciously balanced with hints of vanilla, spice, and rich dry fruit.

Rare Perfection 15-Year-Old Canadian Whiskey

Rare Perfections whiskeys are made following rare and ancient processes making them unique and full of character. The price is usually higher than a simple bottle. Made in Waterloo, Rare perfection 15-Year-Old Canadian Whisky smooth with amazing flavors.


Canadian Whiskey brands

Canada has a huge market for its native whisky and its premium quality whiskeys are also popular internationally. America loves a good whiskey so here are some high brands of Canadian Whisky that are delivering amazing blends for their customers. If you are a beginner take a look at this list to have a little understanding and if you already know which one to choose from going to Bottle Broz and order now.

Canadian Club

The name suggests it is the ultimate club of premium quality Canadian Whiskey. Starting as early as 1854 Canadian Club started its journey to take over the Canadian Delicacy. This is the first North American Company to receive a royal decree from  Queen Victoria. The brand still follows the original recipe for the production. Enjoy the delicacy of Canadian Club with Canadian Club Aged 12 Years Canadian Whiskey from Bottle Broz. This one is a rare Canadian Whisky, so getting a hold of this product can be hard. Bottle Broz to rescue with the amazing collection. Order now!!!

Crown Royal

The easy and most known brand for Canadian Whiskey Crown Royal. With so many variations Crown royal has presented the most amazing Canadian whiskey within a great price range. Choose any bottle from Crown Royal and you will become a fan. Crown royal is highly known for its use in cocktails. NAy cocktail becomes great with the crown royal in it. Flavored Canadian Whiskey is also an amazing variety to choose from. Crown Royal Vanilla Whiskey is filled with smooth and sweet textures.

Rare Perfection

This is the brand that works with amazing Canadian whisky and follows the old recipes. Using the ancient casks the rare perfection delivers some highly aged Canadian whiskey that is full of flavors and unique characters. These ancient casks were made of new charred oak and filled with a Waterloo, Canada distilled four-grain bourbon mash bill. They then aged in the single-level warehouse which maintained extremely cold temperatures year-round. Because of this a-typical bourbon aging environment, the interaction with the wood was dramatically slowed and the final result after 14 and 15 years is indeed Rare Perfection. Order two of the rare Canadian whisky Rare Perfection 14 Years Old Canadian Whiskey and Rare Perfection 15-Year-Old Canadian Whiskey and enjoy Bottle Broz’s nationwide home delivery without any hassle.

Buy Canadian Whiskey Online From Bottle Broz

Bottle Broz holds a huge collection of all the authentic liquors and whiskies available in the USA.  Made in states the rye whiskey is a remarkable name for whisky lovers. Bottle Broz not only sells rye whisky online but also has such descriptions you can gather all information you need to know about rye whiskey.   Here is step by step how you can order rye whiskey online at Bottle Broz so you don’t have to get into the hassle of finding a liquor store and then finding the right bottle. From the Bottle Broz website search for rye whisky and the page will present the best ones for you. Read each product’s description and decide if you would want to experience the flavors. Once you decide, select the add to cart option, and when ready go for checkout. Here we will need the delivery address and payment information. Could it be any easier?? Now sit at home and wait for the delivery!!! Trust me once you order rye whisky online, you won’t be back to our old-school method of buying whiskey.